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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

3 month sabbatical back on, or is it
05 April 2013 @ 22:17

GET yourself a cuppa and get comfortable, this post going to get nasty and very long, haha, only joking on nasty.

WELL (bloody caps lock), i find myself back on the sabbatical, so think is a good time to review and set some new goals and revisit a list i did a wee while ago.

What happened, i ask myself, and what lesson did i learn this time.

I had a most wonderful few weeks but at the back of my head i knew it was a relatiionship built to not last , however, a friendship formed could be good for both of us. once i get past the tears, chocolate, vodka and self pity, that should be Monday hopefully .

Now , let me review... What did i achieve,  I seem to be able to catch myself a hotdate, ( so must stop thinking otherwise), I hope again as in other (i shall call them fuck ups) i am able to get them to think about the female side of situations, and hopefully put them back on the right track, i seem to be able to get them focussed and this time was no exception i hope. I realised i like being an exhibitionist and will carry that on to my list(will discuss that later on). I did some few new experiences 1 OR 2 of them cannot be written down but mmm , yea, considering wrtiting a book, well, actually started writing book, but it is looking alot like my blog and so may need to rethink it. and also enjoyed my beloved la linea  again.

the list, at the very beginning of my newly singleton, a good friend said, write a list of what you desire and require in a man.

And so i did, can i remember it, hmmm, nope, right going  to see if i still have it, still, hmmm again it seems i have not looked at in a while

just read this,,, AT any given moment you have the POWER to say this is NOT how the story is going to end , oh how apt for me at moment , what a good kick up me ass statement, right off to find that list.

the list found, just really made me laughed.

1), tall between 5"7 - 6ft  2) my ageish 35=49 3) thin or build suits height  4) in a well paid job and top of the ladder, 5)family man 6)likes socialising but also comfy nights on sofa 7) A little bit romantic , IE flowers but not over the top. 8) must make me laugh and good sense of humour 9) own home 10) likes to travel,esp cruising 11) British 12) light brown hair to dark brown 13) well dreesed and well groomed 14) has own car .... thats all , not asking for much and now thanks to hotdate i am adding 15) likes being a exhibitionist.

so in conclusion i have been informed by most of my friends on separate occassions , its now time for that 3 month sabbatical i promised and give them a break from my lovelife woes,  however i cannot shake the bloke who popped in my shop a few weeks ago and gave me his phone number and said give him a call when i am free , or more interestingly the ad i read in the paper for a speed dating event in Marbella, how different, i never done speed dating and as a passing piece of advice from hotdate, keep experiencing new things and the bit about how i have the power, do i . or do i give my most treasured friends a break . now swelled with one more.

If your still reading, not too long after all, if you have stopped reading, well does not matter as you stopped anyway.


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Sam said:
05 April 2013 @ 23:05

Go speed dating and ring the number ! Have some fun ! Keep blogging, which will give your friends a break ! Easy ! Everyone happy and you still are experiencing new things ! Enjoy, looking forward to reading all about it !

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