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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

Ronda road trip
06 April 2013 @ 23:20

 After a few hairy emotional moments lately a road trip on the back seat, of two very good friends, was just what the doctor ordered.

Of course it never started out as a roadtrip, it started out as a trip to my pick me up place, la canada and kfc, which i have not had in a very long time. So justified, however i do have a little voice in my head now, reminding me i am eating the flesh of rotting animals and all animals deserve not to be killed for me to eat kfc, I am hoping that little voice gets louder and i eat less and less meat, which will bring me no end of benefits and satisfaction.

On a update note, missy i think is in fact a mr , owing to, i think i caught sight of two little things hanging, very little i may add and i do wear glasses occasionally but should wear always. Anyway, she/he has settled into a routine of going out when i get up, so all good as i do not have to worry about black cat arriving and spraying, however i do feed black cat when i see it on balcony and she/he always eats it all before missy finds out.

Any how , on our approach to la canada, we noticed sign for cojin and i mentioned it was really quite beautiful there and so our roadtrip began.

WE drove up the hill and took the usual pictures and looked around, i was asked what was further on and i remembered el dorado was filmed in coin (i now think i got that wrong) and was closed now but at one point was a hotel.

So of we set for el dorado, beautiful drive, up we went, through villages and hills, simply beautiful part of Andalucia, 

Well Coin came and went and El Dorado was not to be seen and at this point we could of turned around, which was muttered at several times after as well.

Why bother turning round when there was a sign for Ronda, its beatiful i said (only been there on the train) and onwards we drove. 1/2 hours later we arrive at Ronda (i may put a H in Ronda at some point as Rhonda is a relative and i spell it with a h).

They love it, thank goodness after the long trip, and who does not, it is delightful little place, actually not so little, i never realised how big the calle real was, probably because all you have time for on the train daytrip is a nice lunch, quick glimpse of bridge and varies views and back up hill to renfe .

After milling about for a wee while and being unsuitably dressed for a mountain town, we were cold and headed back to car.

Surely we do not have to go all the way back to Marbella, we will follow signs to Algercias instead, esp as the road from Marbella was a little bit dodgy we decided it better to try the other way , ( oh hell, we now know, Marbella road way better)

Oh how lovely the hills look, so green, we pass goats,sheep, and all is well in car , they discuss how they will return to Ronda and stay a few days and i enjoy being a passenger.

Well 1 hour later, the hills are not looking so lovely and we are sure we passed a sign half hour before 97 kilometres to Algercias and now we one for 92, what, have we been driving around and around the same hill.

Than a sign for Estepona 39 k, oh hell yea, we cut out 60 k , so off we go, rejuvinated and relieved we will be out of hills before it gets dark.

Than we go over what i can only explain as a road so steep, it felt like we were going over the edge but 

sorry, need to interrupt story, as i have had a strange feeling, i have just screwed up in my intuitions as i totally only just realised and partly through reading up so much on  religion that i had the honour of knowing one of the most genuine,friendly, what was the word i thought of, it started with c , oh blow ,what was it. and positive person and i let my negativety take over met . Must work on being more positive and try and crush all thoes negative thoughts i cannot change.

thinking i may change him from hotdate to hotmate, sort of makes me chuckle .

Right , going over the edge, onwards to Estepona, the road now looks more like a dirt track than a road and i was hoping no traffic would be coming towards us, as , where the hell was the room for another car. WEll we round bend after bend, we went up, we we went down, All the villages were desserted, we saw on one and than our imaginations kicked in, we went through this town and suddenly we broke down and someone needed to raise the alarm , i was sent to get help (why me, i thought) after an hour, they thought they better check where i was , we never returned to the car ,,,,,,,,, than a car came round corner we screamed lol, i shouted at driver lol, right no more scary talk, concentrate on road, Strange at every bend at bottom , theres a waterfall, so we fell into saying theres a waterfall. 

We passed a closed camping site and so it began again, we imagined a tall man who floated to the entrance and said helllo , welcome , be our guests for the night, if you survive the night, (shame the campsite  looked beautiful next to little river, shame its closed, but how you would find it, may of been the problem). Than the driver needed to relieve himself, we decided 5 minutes and if he is not back we would be off, he was and we were off again and than we saw sign Estepona 5k away, where, all we couls see was hills and hills and now bloody waterfalls.

There we shouted, we saw lights, actual lights, civilisation, it was still there. On a funny note we warned all the cars coming towards us, turn now, do not do it , you may not get out again, and they were all little van cars, strange eh.

It may have lasted hours and at times like we may not get of any of the hills but really enjoyed my Rhonda road trip, 


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