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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

2 cats, blimey!
20 March 2013 @ 22:08

 Well, no, not quite 2 cats but I liked the headline, just like in the tv magazines and they write phil is killed? OR ! and actually he is not .

So ,not 2 moved in cats but i have a sort of soft spot for black cat as. let me explain, it has been knocking around for a few weeks, i think eating missy's food , bloody spraying, and generally hanging around. But than when i had not seen missy for a few days and went looking for her, black cat appeared and was quite friendly by weaving in and out my legs and not biting , unlike missy who enjoys taking chunks out of my legs.

Any how, missy turned up later that evening, sporting a new pink flea collar. Thus confirming she is a she and that she has more than 1 home(which does not suprise me). Now i feel less guilty about having to put her out in morning and not letting her in until i get home.

Than on Monday i did my usual, i get in and open door and when she is in ,i shut the door as i now notice when she comes in, she rarely goes back out and infact sge rarely moves from her in spot, which is the top of sofa at the moment,

Well i am distracted(thanks to hotdate) and did not shut door on her entry, i am looking at missy but hearing a crunching at the food bowl, umm, i think, i walk to bowl and yep, black cat eating.Also my rubbish bag has been ramsacked (dam it, spilling out the evidence of a chicken wing bone, ).I screech, black cat dashes away, well no, it miranders its way towards the back door(of course, no need for it to panic) and i open door for it.

Where is missy, under the bed of course, so brave and so protective.

Now my dilemma, love having missy around, love it more now i know she has another home(S) probably  and so less responsibility for me.BUT, BUT, black cat probably has no one, and so feel i would like to make sure it is ok , but if wild not sure how that will be and i would not want to upset missy and of course the spraying would have to stop as well.

And , And, will i be tying myself to this place even more, ugh, decisions and i do not do decisions welll.

Thoiugh it is 21.45 pm and no sign of either cat.

Today i found a real gem of a place, (ok, hotdate found a gem of a place). Its 2 mins from my work and its a real old fashioned library, the type you can curl up in a big chair and leave the real/outside world at the door and enter the wonderful world of books, umm, kindle but you get the atmosphere with all the books around. Also has a lovely garden with trees, so a cool/shady place for the summer. 

OH i said that word SUMMER, please come soon, it is getting lighter in the evenong, so it is coming.

Wanting to send good karma to all my friends who are going through private battles, your not alone and big big big hugs, and no bloody tears ok.

looking forward to weekend, dunno why, maybe , hopefully, the sun gods keeps it dry and im abducted.


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