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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

right arm restored
13 April 2013 @ 00:13

 Yes i am back on laptop, after all week being ignored by nephew he appears today with it, apparently nothing wrong with it, oh , excuse me , when it kept going onto safe mode but apparently not for nephew and actually has not done it all evening,  So lets see.

Yes it is Friday night after a pretty good week, i decided i was going out for a few drinkies with friend i had promised to go out with forever but than it dawned on me , the thing i seem to not remember is, i am skint . So Friday evening on sofa with bowl of ice cream and a diet coke, Am i sad, nah, fuck it i say, which leads me nicely onto my fuck it book i am reading ( think i may of mentioned it before, should go and reread and see if i did, nah fuck it , your just have to read again).

Very interesting book and love reading it so randomly, though feeling slightly guilty as it is a borrowed book(hotmates)and should get my own but hey fuck it, i give it back when i randomly flick on page and it says, give the bloody book back. ok ok . i will. soon.

The writers club, looks like it may happen, which means i may have to actually write something more than my waffling. Looking forward to being forced into doing it, cause i think i may be quite good, if i just got myself into gear. Now the plot, well it was going to be saucy/romantic/thriller/ bit of my life but now not sure, thinking even one of these self help books,. I could give some views /advice on being a female, dunno, may stick to fiction.

While i am on subject of diet coke, i have switched to coke zero/caffeine free, well, i brought a 2 litre bottle and plan to switch which is the same .

missy is in.

This Sunday i plan to descend onto the pool scene and i am really going to put myself out there this summer, no just listening to peoples conservation around me, nope i am going to attempt to join in, probably go tits up but i have 5 pool areas to work my magic at and so i am figuring if i screw up, fuck it, move onto next pool, yep it is a plan. just hope all swimwear attire fits where it should. I have sync my kindles ready , shall i blow my rubber ring up a bit more, ( i never deflated it, been in spare bathroom all winter, do not judge, takes a lot of puff to blow up, which was not me as i gained it fully blown up) but thinking i may wait a bit as i can than float over when more crowded.

Plant update, still not very well, 

i have seen that crispello advert 3 times now, is it a sign, mmm, yea , chocolate.

Well not alot happening at the moment, which is good i suppose .


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manuel said:
12 April 2013 @ 23:07

hey lady

Stop swearing so much on your Blog. It is not very Lady Like.

helenr said:
13 April 2013 @ 01:49

Good point ,well made and I take on board but that really is the name of the book "fuck it" and I like to think I am a lady foul mouth and all.

manuel said:
13 April 2013 @ 07:26

Well I still your Blog should be censored as Children could be reading here on this Forum and you as an Adult are creating a Bad Impression for them to follow. So be careful what you write in future.

Thank You

helenr said:
13 April 2013 @ 18:39

I Thank you again for your comments, I re read my post and I see I have only written about a book the title being f**k it and that is how I will write in future as to not offend. However I would be very surprised if kids were reading my blog as the title is newly single at 40ish is a clue to it being of adult interest/content.

Dave Spain said:
16 April 2013 @ 13:12

Manuel is right and youre wrong. You did use the phrase when not stating the book's title. Your tacky writing is bad enough without having to read stuff like that. No wonder you're single.
Ice cream and diet coke - don't you see the irony in that? Blow your rubber ring up a bit more - youre going to need it well inflated!

Anonymous said:
20 April 2013 @ 12:03

Well I guess Manuel is right about one thing, children are definitely reading this blog. "Dave Spain" can't be older than a 15 year old leaving a comment like that.... PATHETIC! You write whatever you want Helen, until someone of importance actually tells you what your writing isn't allowed then stuff this lot, they don't have to read it if they don't like it. Nothing to lose any sleep over. Even this comment is a bit too much on the matter but it had to be said. (Although you do need to use more punctuation if you want to write a book)

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