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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

the sun has got its hat on !!!!
02 December 2012 @ 17:03

 Hip hip hip hooray the sun has got its hat on and im sitting on my balcony for the first time in weeks hooray, after a pretty hectic and erratic few days , its nice to just sit, drink (vodka diet coke, VERYnice) , chocie advent calander , yep reduced £1 at morrisons and so now i am proud owner of cadbury characters, but only brought one nearly brought 3 as could not decide on this one, thortons, malteser oh and mars but plumped for this one as it looked more christmasy, so eaten 2 days together result.Took parents home , after we have loaded up cupboard with pickles, sauces, sweets, last night i announced we would only buy 2 small boxes of sweets ,1 roses and 1 celebrations , but standing in front of tins this morning my dad persuaded me that they were 2 tins for £12 bargain , i relented and we have 2 tins , well actually he just looked and i said ok ok ok it is a bargain and he never actually said anything but i hold him responsible and now i have the tins in my spare bedroom and no doubt i will be dipping into them over the next 3 weeks and will have to keep buying little boxes to top them up , NO HELEN  be strong and try and wait to christmas, Well morrisons was murder this morning as you would expect at this time of year but i got the turkey crown, yep i made a decision, we got everything except, beef, gammon , pate, cream, veg, fruit( tangerines to justify chocolate intake), actually looking at list still have a bit to get and the TREE but swaying towards a real one now as never had a real one, all depends how much they are really and i still cannot quite get the purple tree out of my head but all the pink decies i have will clash big time .

I thought i would ask for a little help into treegate as i am now calling it, SHALL I go for REAL tree, PRURPLE tree or a normal fake green tree or the one i quite liked a green tree with WHITE tips on end to look like snow but just looks like white on ends and maybe go for the most popular choice,

OH on a final note, cat sunning herself with me

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