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11 Dec 2009 00:00 by adam4898 Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

Hi I am planning to move to Ciudad Quesada with my family, although I can afford to buy without any borrowings I would need to work as money doesn't last forever. Currently I am contemplating setting up as a domestic window cleaner, as well as setting up a mobile car valeting business alongside so the two business can subsidies each other. Can anyone tell me their opinions on this, do you thing there is an opening for something like this.



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12 Dec 2009 08:03 by didlydoo Star rating. 14 posts Send private message


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16 Dec 2009 14:31 by SophieRF Star rating in Quesada. 62 posts Send private message

Hi Adam,

I know at the moment there is already 2 mobile valeting companies in the Quesada area and also there is a new hand car wash just set up in San Luis area. Regarding the window cleaning, I think its a good idea, however its not always easy to go about with alot of properties being part of secure communities and gaining access into these commnities is not laways easy if some of the residents do not want the service.


Best of luck with your new venture and moving to Quesada.


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16 Dec 2009 18:34 by fireblade900-1 Star rating in Wembley/Rojales. 23 posts Send private message


Iam not far from there..a great place to work within the bitish community if you're not spanish speaking,

when going self employed you will have to pay 'Autonomo' which  is a killer at 250 Euros a month...which is standing charge for national insurance contributions.

This will allow your kids to attend  school....with  other benefits...

Best of luck with your move



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18 Dec 2009 09:23 by Irene&Alan Star rating in Formentera del Segur.... 703 posts Send private message

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Hi Adam

We live near Quesada (Formentera del Segura). The car valeting business in San Luis is very expensive - I believe it would have cost 18€ for our car (an Astra convertible). So if you get your prices at a competitive level, you might do some business.

Someone told me that it is illegal to wash cars in the street in Spain - anyone know whether or not this is correct?

Quesada has a large English speaking population, but I still think you should learn Spanish!

We moved out to Spain in March this year and we have absolutely no regrets, however, we don't have to work and I know it isn't easy to earn a living here at the moment. Everyone says that you should come out here with enough money in the bank to last you a year.

Good luck.


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04 Mar 2013 16:10 by daviddog Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

 i am moving to spain in april to quesada i willbe looking for work my self if you are looking for some one to work for you car cleaning no no window cleaning sounds good but not off ladder high presser water with long poll with brush is the way to go trigger 

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04 Mar 2013 17:38 by baz1946 Star rating. 2196 posts Send private message

For whats it's worth when your thinking about setting up a business, lets talk the UK, you should do your homework and try to find out if theirs a need for the business you are going into, take window cleaning, forget the car valeting,  which you might be into right now, perhaps to find out if theirs any call for this type of work you do a leaflet drop, say a thousand, if you get maybe 20 or so replies you gotta say it's a no hoper. You might find no one else is doing this type of service...why not? perhaps their is no call for it...Perhaps it has been tried and failed.

Now your going to Spain, and it has to be so much harder then the UK, and i know the area you want to start up in, to me that's a lot of retired folk with plenty of time on their hands, who can do their own windows for free. Everyone is saving every cent right now. 

I say forget car valeting, you have to drive to the house, it takes about 2 / 3 hours to do a good job that the customer wont complain about, if you do it in any less they wont like to pay top dollar for a quick scrub about, then you drive to the next one, say you do two a day, at a push three, at 20€ a car would they pay 30€?, x five days...= 300€ a week, any less and your in trouble, and these are no way guaranteed figures.

Doing this sort of work is a little bit like a mens barbers, he cuts 20 heads a day, every day, day in day out....he cant cut 21 a day, because the hours in the day wont allow.

Hope you do well, hope you prove me so very wrong.

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04 Mar 2013 19:22 by nitram Star rating in castalla. 170 posts Send private message

Hi Adam,


Got to agree with everybody else there is no jobs for the Spanish as it is everybody is not spending owing to prices going up.

Self employed as somebody said 250 euros a month plus assecor fees (about 90 -100 euros) plus tax, then if you dont pay into the system get caught working illegally cost you thousands in fines.

Yes illegal to wash car on the road, and do car repairs, has anybody seen either of these two things with the spanish NO

And yes many retired people to keep active do these jobs themselves.

A friend of mine tried to start up a limo service in Murcia (doing weddings vip services etc) spent 10,000 gbp on buying a roller lovely car, in 3 years only done 5 weedings 3 ex pat 2 spanish sold car for 5,000 nobody wanted the service.


Good luck 

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