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09 Dec 2009 00:00 by maylin Star rating in Andalucia and Hertfo.... 71 posts Send private message

Has anyone used this web site for an answer/advice and had any success?

I used the link via EOS website to ask a question.

It claims to have experts on most subjects and will answer any question promptly. They ask for a small deposit in advance.

The fee is only taken once a reply is received and accepted.

I have received no reply from them despite several emails chasing it. The small deposit is held by them.

Fortunately I paid through Paypal and I am claiming it back.

A quick Google (Yes I know I should have done that first) shows several entries claiming the site as a Scam.

Has anyone had a good experience fom the site?  If not we should all be wary and be aware of the claims.



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09 Dec 2009 22:49 by Linda Needham Star rating in Jumilla,Spain. 302 posts Send private message

Linda Needham´s avatar

I used this site in September this year whilst acting as an Executor of a Will. 

My question was in connection with an unregistered property with a life interest held in trust.  The answer was not of the standard that I would have expected from a qualified expert in this field and in fact another question was asked meaning that I paid another fee.  I did not get a satisfactory answer to that question either.  I stated that I was unsatisfied and was told I could ask another expert.  However that would have entailed further expense which I was not prepared to pay.

The fee, for 2 questions, was paid with my credit card.

I would not use them again.


Linda Needham
La Alberquilla
Jumilla, Murcia

R4 308 For Rental

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10 Dec 2009 00:20 by maylin Star rating in Andalucia and Hertfo.... 71 posts Send private message


Thank you for your reply.

It seems you paid twice for nothing or maybe very poor service.

Your experience and mine seem to back up the 'Scam' suggestions from several sites on Google.

It appears that a small fee and perhaps embarrassment is the key. Most people just write it off.

Multiply that by 1000's and it's not a bad income for nothing.

Maybe we have just been unlucky.

There is a link from EOS site. Just be careful I suppose is the advice (I have no qualifications but I am not scamming)


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10 Dec 2009 08:27 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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 Oh dear, that's terrible.  I assume the link was one of the Google ads on the site.  I have now blocked that site from appearing as an advertiser and will report them to Google too as a scam service.

It does show that you need to be careful of any advertiser at the end of the day and do a Google search on companies before parting with any money, especially at this time of year as there is increased online spending and hence online fraud.



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10 Dec 2009 12:37 by Linda Needham Star rating in Jumilla,Spain. 302 posts Send private message

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In my case I did consider that maybe it was a scam but chose to try it anyway. 

Dealing with administration of a will is very difficult if you live in Spain and the deceased estate is in UK.  I had chosen to deal with the estate personally rather than use a lawyer.  One cannot stay in the UK indefinately while the wheels turn slowly and one cannot go to a solicitor in Spain to ask a question about property law in the UK.

What I learnt was that this was not something that I would consider using again.  In theory its a good idea.


Linda Needham
La Alberquilla
Jumilla, Murcia

R4 308 For Rental

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20 Jan 2012 15:32 by mikki Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

2 weeks ago i neded wireless drivers 4 my 3 computers after u/grdes to win 7 i came across this site they took a deposit £31 GBP and within 15-20minutes i had the answers i needed including links already set up to download what needed i accepted the answer and confirmed payment  they say i have free answers now for the next month   i now need more answers from them so i have tried10 times  without success to log on  so i went to google to see if i could get in that way There i saw the posts about the credibity of the site   So i've stopped the card i payed with

As you can see it worked for a while for me but now i wont take the chance  Better safe than sorry



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