Building Insurance wiht Mapfre

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11 Aug 2009 00:00 by mastech Star rating in Middlesex. 13 posts Send private message

We purchased our property (an apartment within a block) through a Barclays Mortgage and at the time were sold a Mapfre Buildings INsurance policy for the first year.  We were unaware that this was set up as a direct debit for the following year to automatically renew the buildings insurance.  Our Community Administrators informed us that our community fees included a portion for buildings insurance and gave us the name of an agent selling through Mapfre who could work out how much our insurance premium would be as a top up.  We were saving a great deal of money (approximately 100 euros).  We explained that the policy had been automatically renewed the month previously and were told  that we would receive a refund of the overpaid amount.   He sent us a copy of the Community Policy which we had to sign and send to Barclays for them to attach to our mortgage.  As the latter policy was also with Mapfre we thought there would be no problem.  However it now transpires through Barclays that Mapfre are refusing to refund the money, although I think it might be Barclays who are refusing to refund as they received the commission originally.  So we have ended up paying for buildings insurance twice on the property through different agents to Mapfre.  It seems that nobody wants to loose their commission.  Can Mapfre legally refuse to refund?  Is there a Consumers Association that can sort this out for us?  We have been arguing the point for 4 months now.  We initially wrote to Mapfre through their contact page and received no acknowledgement.  Would appreciate any information on the best way of approaching this.




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11 Aug 2009 02:50 by Rixxy Star rating in San Pedro. 2010 posts Send private message

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 Tough one as its just a pain to keep bouncing back and forth.

If it were me, I would ask for the official complaints book from all 3 parties - this is a serious issue and if they do not have one you can denounce them to the police as it is an offence not to have this book to hand. Armed with the official complaint you take/send it to the consumers association who investigate such matters.

You may be able to do this online now but Im not sure!!

You may get some joy with the announcement you will be making such a complaint - in the UK it would come under fraud as someone is deliberately keeping your money under false pretences!

Good luck!


Quite frankly m'dear, I don't give a damn!

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11 Aug 2009 10:14 by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message


Rixxy has made a very good point,

but first  I would want  to see a letter from Barclays, to say that Mapfre will not refund the money. if they dont  give you a letter then I know who I would start with.

I would also seek further advice, as you say that you have paid for  two insurances,what one would pay out if anything went wrong?

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11 Aug 2009 19:00 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4523 posts Send private message

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Long story (too long to retell here) but my advice is simple: stay away from Mapfre.

Cancelling the direct debit for next year will not be sufficient. You must also instruct your bank never to pay any money to Mapfre without first consulting you. Better still, close your account and open another. You will beat the b*stards eventually if you have the mettle to fight for your rights, but you will come out of it wondering if it was worth the hassle and stress. Big business does not give a toss about minor incoveniences such as customers. Pray you never have to make a claim.

Also avoid Halifax PLC. Ditto above.

Rant over.





"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain




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11 Aug 2009 19:29 by Patty_1 Star rating in Hertfordshire. UK. .... 1062 posts Send private message


Have you on line banking, if that was me I would put a stop on the direct debit.  




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11 Aug 2009 19:54 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4523 posts Send private message

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Read my lips : stopping the direct debit will not stop this company taking money from your account. This is Spain. Be very careful.



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain




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11 Aug 2009 20:08 by Patty_1 Star rating in Hertfordshire. UK. .... 1062 posts Send private message

Right then I would close the account down as suggested and reopen another one a bit of a pain I know, but if it stops them taking more money out of the account it has to be done.

I think Rixxy is right that is fraud.



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11 Aug 2009 20:51 by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message


My wife and I had Mapfre when we first brought in spain on the recomendation from Atlas International, thats another story, after the first year I did cancel the direct debit, they will send you lots of letters but i just binned these, but you must keep an eye on your bank account, we must have been one of the lucky ones.

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