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09 Aug 2009 00:00 by wak1 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi, My name is Alex and i'm having a complete nightmare with the removal company. We agreed on a part load and got a good deal and explained that our possesions have to be in Alhaurin by mid september. Not a problem we thought. The rep told us that they had a lorry going to Malaga the following week and could give us a very good deal. So we decided to go ahead and use their services. Long story short my 7 month old baby, my partner and I are living  with the bare basics and have no idea of when we will see our possesions again, as the last we heard from the removal company is that they are unable to give us a date. So my advise is to you all out there do NOT BOOK THE SERVICES OF ARMISHAWS.

Have anyone else used their services? If so, did you have any problems?

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10 Aug 2009 15:20 by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message

Hi Wak1.

Sorry to hear your having probems with your removal company.

Did you not sign a contract ? I have looked at there web page and they say they do a weekly run to Malaga,one would hope that you have not paid all up front for this service, If I were you I would get back on the phone and demand a date be given I do know that some companies do subcontract out to third parties,but  be that as it may that is not your problem,sorry just a thought are you being charged a daily storage rate ?


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12 Aug 2009 15:28 by wak1 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I received a letter today from Armishaws removals. Never in my life have I felt so angry and frustrated. They are calling me a liar and telling lies themselves. A few days when I spoke to their sales rep he said he would find out when our goods will arrive in Spain and he would let us know by the end of the day. "Great" I thought. Well the end of the working day passed without a telephone call, so the following morning I called the 'rep'. He said "don't worry I’m not in the office at the moment, when I go in later I’ll sort out a date. I'll call you later". I asked him to please call me and let me know. Well I waited until 2pm then I tried calling him. What a surprise no answer! No problem, I thought. He is probably with a customer. I phoned half an hour later still no answer. From then on I increased the frequency of calling him up to 7pm. I must have called at least 50 times. Then the last call, instead of ringing came back with the message this phone is switched off. By this time i'm feeling frustrated. He didn't have the courage to answer the phone and tell me that nothing had been sorted out.

The next morning he called me at 8.15am and had the cheek to say that he wasn't well and not to keep phoning him. "I’ll call you when I have some news". All I ask is not to be lied to and be kept informed. Is that too much to ask for?

Well I called Armishaws head office to complain the staff refused to tell me their position in the company. Anyway I asked to be put through to the director. At least i'll be able to get some answers. Wishful thinking on my behalf. The outcome off the conversation was our belongings will be delivered whenever and at their convenience.

So much for weekly runs to Spain and that our goods will be in Spain by the 15th September. In the letter received today it quotes that there will be no run to Spain until at least September and no trip has yet been arranged. Their web site and salesman both say they have weekly runs to Spain.

Why would I agree on a part load and put my fiancée and 7 month baby through the trial of living on a sofa bed, a travel cot and out of a suit case for more than 2 months. Yes it was a good deal, but don't lie to me and say a load is going down to Spain when it clearly is not. All my sons’ new clothes are packed. He is going to need them soon.

BAR have been informed by e-mail and i'm waiting for them to get back to us.

We just want our goods delivered before 15th September. I'm not asking for much.



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