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Quite frankly m'dear, I don't give a damn!


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09 Nov 2010 8:40 PM:

 Interesting thread.

I first came to Spain with 2 young kids (3.5 and 5) in 1995. Once they entered school I always had to pay for the books - the only parent s who didnt pay were ones on the dole.

You didnt get a list of what you needed until a week into the term (madness!!) But I learned that you can pre-order the years books for the following years if you know what year your child is in - and the name of the school!! This means also you can prepay in installments too.

I believe now that the books are provided by the schools but that came in a couple of years ago.

In Bachillerato, you pay for the books and I handed Chris's 1st year books to the school to use for the new years kids as he wasnt using them anymore.

Daughter now in Uni and I dont think she has had to buy any books!!! The lecture notes are all accessed via internet direct to the laptops they provided for a deposit of 100 euros - after 4 years you either keep the machine or give it back and get your deposit back.

Still loving Spain!! :) 

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09 Feb 2010 6:54 PM:

Its still busier than I remember it when I first came to Spain. There is work around, you just have to be creative and adapt. Many have gone back and that is a shame, but when its leaner times people will go to where they feel they can eek a living.


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01 Jan 2010 1:46 AM:

Mine too! Happy New Year everyone!!

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26 Dec 2009 1:20 PM:

And to add to this merry thread is any modifications have to be officially approved and added to the cars paperwork. I had a Golf Cabrio with fatboy wheels, it came with the original wheels to change for the ITV !!


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07 Oct 2009 12:40 AM:

 Im sorry to hear of your predicament. You need to run this by a lawyer. A judgement given in one country (especially EU) can be translated and lodged in another PROVIDING the judgement does not contravene local country law.

Dependant therefore ont he judgement you get, you should be able to lodge this in the uk court local to the seller, obtain judgement and then enforce it but it will depend on if the the UK judge accepts the judgement from Spain. Check the wording on the spanish side but I do urge you to get proper legal advice.

Good luck

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