A tale of two lives.

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07 Aug 2009 00:00 by raff Star rating in Belfast. 143 posts Send private message


Today’s news of the release of Ronnie Briggs hardly came as a surprise given his current state of health in that he is not expected to make a recovery from his current illness. Perhaps the right decision has been made, not for his sake but that of his family, in particular his son who stood by him throughout the long lonely years. Ronnie was a taker, a thief who never contributed a thing to society. In a life of crime his own self interest was uppermost others were to be cast aside in his scramble from justice. Not for him the much more difficult route of working to raise a family and the hardships and tremendous joys that can bring. Instead he choose a route that has brought him to his current miserable existence. Even in past times when the media spotlight shone in his direction the bravado and smiles hid a sad, hallow man.  I could not help contrast this waste of a life to that of the life Harry Patch, a man who give to society, to country and family a noble man who lived a rich and rewarding life.

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07 Aug 2009 22:54 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2576 posts Send private message

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A man who was part of an armed robbery, escaped from British justice and lived the high life abroad dodging extradition. When he became ill and couldn't afford healthcare he came back to Britain to leech off us hard working taxpayers, albeit from a prison cell. That is where he should still be in my opinion, regardless of his condition. Watching the news today where they replayed his 1997 interview where he stated he was glad to have been a part of the robbery because it made his name known!! Where was his compassion for his victim that his family have been baying for for an ill and dying man?


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08 Aug 2009 00:40 by ttarrab Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

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I agree totally with the previous posts, but the token act of releasing him means that a prison officer is not now sitting by his bedside which was a complete waste of time and money.

 If he makes a miraculous recovery he will be back in the slammer where he belongs pronto.


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