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20 Feb 2009 00:00 by summer1010 Star rating. 63 posts Send private message

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I was contacted by a lady from Ready Rental Property (based in Malaga) who found my apartment on the internet to ask if I'd be interested in letting it throught them.

She assured me she had confirmed bookings for June/July and Aug and needed somewhere to put these people. Obviously the catch is that RRP want an annual fee (825 euros +IVA) which has to be paid up front, and then they will release details of the renters to me.

Anyone heard of these people or know of them?  Are they are genuine company?  I'm always a bit cautious when third parties contact me because they always want money but usually fail to deliver!  What if  there are no real bookings!

Would love to hear whether I should get involved with them.


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20 Feb 2009 13:34 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

I wouldn't on priciple. If they are so sure of renting them why don't they take commission on each booking?


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20 Feb 2009 13:59 by alcaidesa Star rating in Beckenham Kent. 34 posts Send private message

They seemed to have changed their approach a bit and are asking more than they were originally. There was a thread here or on another Forum about them.

I don't think anyone actually went for Ready Rentals. I offered to pay them a commision on succesful rentals but that was declined, probably says it all.


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21 Feb 2009 09:20 by acune Star rating. 63 posts Send private message

Hello ,,,All  Ready Rental ,,,,,,,,,,,, is a another shark in rental market,  They know who are Mri and the staff  and I do belive they are Mri Shark. Hold on to your hard earned money. As I was approched I requested for a few refererances who can confirm for their loyal services. well did I  get any ? . I am still waiting. 

Good luck .........and check them out

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22 Feb 2009 18:28 by noddy Star rating. 148 posts Send private message

Sounds like the company who approached us, though not sure how they got our details. Wanted 900e, reckoned they could get bookings for us all summer for 850e per week (450e the norm ),

They called themselves Key Lounges based in Malaga Airport.


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22 Feb 2009 18:28 by noddy Star rating. 148 posts Send private message

** Edited - Duplicate post. **


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25 Feb 2009 11:11 by mikey123 Star rating. 31 posts Send private message

Guys, please do not, under any circumstances, go with Ready Rental Properties in Fuengirola!!!!! I went with them last September and have had nothing but hassle with them ever since. I will substantiate this below, but make your own conclusions on 870 euros upfront for a year's service! If you want full details of cock-ups please pm me and i can forward you my official complaint letters and correspondence!

We thought we'd try them as this was a little more than the commission you pay for a long term let and we wanted to have the option of using our place. Big mistake!!!

They took 3 months to get my property listed and ready for rental (only through me constantly pushing them) and by that time, we'd missed the long term market, were 870 down to a company that was unscrupulous and unfair (who wouldn't offer a refund after all their hold-ups and mistakes) and not producing any rentals at all.

They tell you what they will do and tempt you with carrots (we have bookings waiting for you, which never materialise), do not deliver anything anyway near what they promise, are run by a bunch of incompetent nonces who ask for info then lose it and have to ask you for it again and are manned by people that do not want to help sort problems out or take responsibility.

When you get through to the Managing Director, ** Edited - Forum rules, do not use peoples names in posts ** if you actually can (as am still waiting for a call on this last February debacle, and have requested a call 5 or 6 times now), he couldn't give a monkeys and you have to really fight to get him to see the errors, admit them and then try and get him to get things sorted!

I was called in early December as they had taken a 4 day booking over December (to possibly try and placate me after their 3 month shambles at the start?). Told me the rent and that they would clean the apartment for free after the tenants had left. I accepted and thanked the rep and was told the bookings department would be in touch to confirm things.

In Jan after hearing absolutely nothing, saw that electircity had been used as amount debited from my account was high, certainly considering the apartment ws empty. So, emailed 3 email addresses they have to query usage. Nearing mid-Feb, chased again as had heard absloutely nothing (this time asking if someone was living in there for free to get a rise / answer out of someone) and was eventually told that it was used 19th and 28th Dec and that that apartment was cleaned and money would be credited to my account asap.

Not trusting them in the slightest and after the huge hassles at the start, I got my cleaners to visit the apartment to check all was ok. They reported back that dirty laundry was left, beds had been slept in and not made, and the apartment certainly wasn't cleaned!! When I put this to them, cleaners were arranged straight away.

Got an email from the accounts department 13/2/09 requesting bank details for the transfer. I'd sent this to the "MD" 9/12/08, but did it again. Anyway, is now 25/2/09 and no money has come into my account! 2 calls to the "MD" today and still nothing!

An absolute blooming farce (trying to stay calm on this!!!). If i ran my business / treated my clients like this I'd be struck off. I'd certainly expect to have numerous visits from a few very angry clients!!!! Oh, yes forgot they wouldn't have a meeting with me in October when i was last over and things weren't going well at the start, as i wanted to see what i could do (and they were going to do) to get things sorted. Have asked for a meeting this April when I am over, but this has been dodged to date and will probably not happen either.

All i want is to pay good money for my place to be looked after and for the people i pay good money to, to do their job with respect and professionalism. You certainly do not get this with Ready Rental Properties in my opinion, as in no way through any of this, has this been done. I am not anywhere near happy and i do not trust them one little bit. 

Please, please, please beware guys! Save your money for a good long term letting agent!


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27 Mar 2009 14:09 by Denalf Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

I cant believe this, I have been worried about this company for some time and have been doing some digging around.
I have paid these crooks money for furniture and a rental package. I hear that the people behind this scam are named as ** Edited - Forum rules, do not use peoples names in posts **  . These are all in this scam together.
** Edited - Forum rules, do not use peoples names in posts ** I have been informed is behind Keylounges and have offices in Malaga airport, they run a sales operation from their office as well. They state they work with a travel operator called The On Holiday Group, I wonder if these are also involved in the scam????
There is also a recruitment consultancy called Earlstream Consultants,  run by another shark called ** Edited - Forum rules, do not use peoples names in posts **. These recruit boiler room style telemarketers to call and con clients into buying their crap.
They are apparently setting up a call centre in the south of the UK in Southend On Sea where they will call property owners like me to extort money.
It is possible that some of you have not used them, but i advise we all spread the word to protect others who might be thinking of using them.


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27 Mar 2009 14:11 by Denalf Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

I have also had an email from MRI warning me about these people, here it is:

Dear Client,


Over the past few weeks I have spoken with a number of clients who have relayed to me some very disturbing stories. It seems that a number of companies have been targeting purchasers of overseas properties with the intent to DEFRAUD them.

The companies in question are:









The nature of the scam varies in each case, but inevitably requires you to pay money over the phone for a service that is never delivered.

I have been told about the companies above claiming that they can sell your property for you (apparently to buyers from Russia or Eastern Europe) but requiring an upfront fee, which they claim is fully refundable.

Other companies in the group above are offering the chance to claim against your credit card company for you, but of course want a fee to do so.

This elaborate ring of scam companies has reached such a level that the newspapers are now writing about them.

As a client of MRI, I would ask you to NOT GIVE ANY MONEY to any of the companies on this list. Nor should you HAND OVER ANY FINANCIAL DATA. I am sending out this note now in the hope that you will heed my warning and notbe duped and defrauded.

If you have been contacted by any of these companies, or any similar ones that I have not yet heard about, please let me know by return.

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27 Mar 2009 15:05 by coever Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi all

Please please stay away from Resale Strategy. Two people that I know have been caught already. I was also contacted by them. Its amazing how much info they have about us.

An Irish woman seems to be the first to ring.

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27 Mar 2009 15:55 by inspectahomespain Star rating in Murcia, Spain. 2157 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

coever were you pehaps a client from Instant Access Properties IAP


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Roy Howitt Independent Property Consultant WE CAN FIND YOUR DREAM HOME 627 955 748

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28 Mar 2009 00:33 by Denalf Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

I found this on another site and thought it a good add on to my post>
It appears that  ** Edited - Forum rules, do not use peoples names in posts ** set up the mri rental operation that so many people are unhappy about, word is she got sacked from mri because it was not working.

she then pops up with ** Edited - Forum rules, do not use peoples names in posts ** and start contacting customers of mri so they must have stolen the mri database and are now exploiting people, like me!!!!!!!!!!!

This all fits with ready rental, furniture direct and key lounges being done for data theft!!!!!!

Spread the word please!!


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30 Mar 2009 04:43 by Elle2009 Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

there is more reading on this, in the general chit chat area of the general forum.

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27 May 2009 17:01 by robmayo Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Also joined RRP last year, paid big money up front with the promise of big rentals, which either mysteriously got cancelled last minute or rates got changed or guests got given wrong address etc etc, and either way, have received no payment. My question to anyone is, has anybody been paid by RRP for bookings?

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28 May 2009 13:07 by eddiecyprus Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Hi! Folks, Read my thread "Ready Rental Property !!!BEWARE!!!

Let's try and save some innocent people!!!

Post your complaints and target the companies they advertise through, enough complaints maybe the Authorities will close them down!!! 

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14 Jul 2009 14:53 by A. Rudd Star rating. 5 posts Send private message



I am yet another victim of RRP. They scammed a large sum of money out of me and then disappeared. Their website has expired, all emails bounce back and no one answers the phone.

** EDITED - Personal details **

I’ll happily join in on the Watchdog front.

Is there any proof that RRP are no longer trading?


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