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15 Aug 2018 16:24:

We did challenge it, and insisted on a legai interpretation. Amazingly !, the feedback was that a community president can just assume votes... this was supported by the administrator who at the time acted as administrator for all the communities as well hence is doing very nicely thank you !

Recently ( anther 2 years and again the same scenarionat this years AGM, hence the same guy has another 2 years.

IT would be good to this this rule actually written down where Entities are involved.

Finally a small point, our entity statutes do relate to individual ' members' but als refers to the total coefficients/ quotas of each separate community.

It just feels like it is a case of which interpretation one takes where as it should be black and white like it is for communities.




Thread: entities

16 Apr 2016 12:24:

Question for lawyers/ administrators.

I own in a community which has 5 ajining communities who all belong to an Entity, set up several years ago by the town Halls to pass the maintenance of the roads etc to the properties.

One community has over 50% of the owners. At a recent Entity AGM the president voted supposedly on behalf of all his owners meaning that if this is legal, the rest of us have no say.

The community presidents , years ago were elected to the entity commitee to represent their owners who mainly live in the uk and get no information about the Entity. One president actually got his community owners approval to vote on their behalf at an agm but as he only has 10% of the owners, he is in the minorority.

My question is... is it legal that a president can just assume he has automatic proxy from his community owners. At the moment he has chosen his own entity president whoo the administrator likes so is siding with him at the moment.

A couple of us feel that he didnt actually get the most votes as he should only have a couple of votes against 60 for the so called 'runner up'

The community statutes seem to support my opinion although the entity statutes are a bit ambiguous.

Sorry for the long posting. look forward to informed replies.



Thread: entities

24 Aug 2015 17:56:

debtors not included. 100% of those eligible to vote Nick

Thread: Unaminity votes

24 Aug 2015 17:55:

normally rental contracts are only 6 or 12 months and do not automatically renew. it is like this to protect owner as well. i would give the owner as much notice as possible as they appear fair at the moment. often i have known cases where getting the deposit back is the difficult bit. first of all, check your contract to see the start and finish date as i dont think it would be open ended. nick

Thread: Getting out of long term contract early - help!

20 Apr 2015 11:09:

Can someone provide a link to rules on IVA rates and what is at 10% , what is 21% and what is exempt.

I know restaurants are 10%.


I also understand changes were made last year



Thread: IVA rates


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