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17 Jul 2009 11:16:


Thanks for the email, sorry to hear that you have been caught as well.

As far as I am aware Key Lounges and RRP are one and the same, run from the same officies with sales staff dealing for both companies, I have been told that ** EDITED - Personal name ** runs both companies with various unsavory characters involved with these and other companies.

When I last checked the Companies House Register in London, RRP were no longer in exsistence.

I am not sure by your email if your money went direct to RRP or was directed through a third company, KL, Day Cooper Adams(in my case) etc. If this is the case your credit card company should refund you, as you cannot wash money through a third party. If this is not the case I am sure you you will find RRP are out of business and you should be able to reclaim from the credit card company that way, don't give up, the more fuss made hopefully the authorities will take action.

Hopefully you will have read the other thread on EOS, "Has any one heard of Ready Rental Properties" where other people tell their stories on RRP, KL, Worldwide Furniture Direct, Resale Strategy all with the same conmen behind them.

Good luck.


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15 Jul 2009 18:50:

Hi everyone, I have previously posted on this thread and on the thread READY RENTAL PROPERTY !!!BEWARE!!!

Having read the unfortunate stories that have appeared after my previous warning, may I suggest some possible actions that may help.

I emailed the CEO of On Holiday Group, Steve Endacott a letter on the 25th May 2009 explaining the problems with RRP and the potential consequences to OHG from disgruntled property owners who were not paid by RRP. While I urged the CEO to suspend bookings from RRP pending his investigation of RRP and their known association with conmen, he did not reply to my letter. While I do not know if my letter was a catalyst for OHG to remove RRP from it's site or not, this hopefully has saved property owners further heartache and loss and curtail RRP from getting even richer from innocent property owners. I believe OHG have some questions to answer.

The OHG, Home from Home Brand lists one of their Partners as Furniture Direct Worldwide, whom Companies House have listed as a Director, James Malyon who is also a Director of RRP. As I have noted from the web many people have lost money to FDW this Director's footprint cannot be a coincidence. OHG must have been aware of this Director's involvement in both companies.

As someone on the thread has mentioned. OHG must be holding money due to property owners for rentals not paid to RRP, this was paid to OHG directly by their clients for property privatly owned as OHG were aware. Commission only was payable to OHG from these payments and the balance due to the property owner for the services that OHG's client's have received. OHG were warned in my letter of the 25th May of the potential problems and should have withheld payments to RRP pryor to the result of an investigation.

RRP were paid a listing fee to advertise on the OHG website, the reason many of us subscribed to RRP. We need to know what fee was paid to OHG for this listing, and if OHG have removed our listing from their website then we are due a refund from OHG. There is a case to answer that OHG fully endorsed RRP to sell it's services and failed to do due diligence and care checks on RRP, and that a full refund should be due from OHG.

Many people have mentioned in the thread that their fee to RRP was paid to Key Services or Day Cooper Adams. Companies are not allowed to wash money through third parties, claims should be made through VISA's insurance for these payments if they are out of date or Visa direct if they are not, as you should be able to prove you have had no dealings with these companies.

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Thread: Heard of Ready Rental Property???

28 May 2009 13:07:

Hi! Folks, Read my thread "Ready Rental Property !!!BEWARE!!!

Let's try and save some innocent people!!!

Post your complaints and target the companies they advertise through, enough complaints maybe the Authorities will close them down!!! 

Thread: Ready Rental Property

28 May 2009 12:59:

Hi! Everyone, Read my thread "Ready Rental Property !!!BEWARE!!!

Thread: Heard of Ready Rental Property???

25 May 2009 00:00:

I was contacted by Ready Rental Property to list my property with the "On Holiday Group" for a fee that included two guaranteed weeks bookings. I duly paid the fee in early December 2008 completed the requested paperwork and handed over the keys to their agent. I was promised the listing would be active within three weeks in time for the summer 2009 advertising program.

Despite several emails and numerous telephone calls (mostly unanswered, and when answered never anyone of authority there) the property remained unlisted.

I requested my fee back by email and telephone call and unsurprisingly received an email with a link to "HOLIDAYNIGHTS" part of the On Holiday Group at the end of April 2009. The link did not allow the property owner access to the booking calender for management of the property and there was not the two guaranteed weeks booked within the period May-October 2009 allowed by the site.

On further investigation I discovered that my fee had been paid to a company called DAY COOPER ADAMS LIMITED.   On further investigation of this company I have found that their authorisation has been suspended by THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE in London. You will find a link on Google search to an article by Tony Hetherington of This is Money (readers champion Daily Mail) who alleges that this is a scam operation run by conmen. The owner and sole director of Day Cooper Adams lives in Fuengirola, a former director of the company lives in Mijas Costa a former address of RRP. Both these directors have been involved in other companies that have had the same fate as Day Cooper Adams. Both these directors and companies have ties to Rochdale, Lancashire.

On checking the Companies Register at Companies House, There is a company registered as READY RENTAL PROPERTY LIMITED, their status with Companies House, is Proposal to Strike Off, two of the directors addresses are Rochdale, Lancashire.

I would suggest that as a property owner you should not be comfortable with any organisation that have proven links with Day Cooper Adams and their directors. While I am not suggesting that the ON HOLIDAY GROUP have any ties with Day Cooper Adams I believe they should be made aware of the link with RRP. As far as I am aware the ON HOLIDAY GROUP are a reputable company but I assume they are contracted to forward the rentals for your property to RRP this is addition to any fees you have already paid RRP for listing your Property.

On the past history of Day Cooper Adams I would not be happy that the rental returns of my property will be paid to RRP.

I suggest that you check where your fee was paid, if you are unhappy with the result reclaim through your credit card company or bank. If you have had the same problems as me, then complain and advertise the fact, as otherwise other innocent property owners will be fleeced by these organisations





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