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05 Jan 2009 00:00 by mrsc Star rating in New Zealand. 4 posts Send private message

I just want to warn other home owners to avoid this family at all costs. We had the police called, the Guardia Civil, they had a puppy and we are very clear about no pets allowed. However they left the apartment in a dreadful state. The children had drawn all over the walls and they had sprayed beer all over the bedrooms including up the walls and all over the curtains.

I know they are still in Spain moving from rental to rental. Beware!


Name - Mandy Castellain
Telephone - 0034664830074
Number of adults 2
Number of children 2

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24 Jan 2009 14:06 by llamacalmer Star rating in Surrey & Sierra Golf.... 312 posts Send private message

llamacalmer´s avatar

Another tenant to avoid is Lisa Stych.  She supposedly 'rented' our house in Torrevieja, with a contract for 11 months.  However after three months she still hadn't paid a penny, but always seemed to have an excuse - transferred the money into wrong account, bank made a mistake, her mum's was ill, and then she was ill - all which appear to be lies. 

She said she was a web designer and even got free taxi journeys from a neighbour in exchange she said for help with a web site, but of course this never happened either.




 Owner of  8 stray Spanish mutts


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04 Feb 2009 22:21 by silverbirch35 Star rating in uk. 46 posts Send private message

yes keep away from lisa stych.... known on here as waterlily1975

she is a blatent out and out liar will run off without paying, say's shes had a flood!

she'll tell you anything...if she asks for her and her's a lie...especially since her mum died on friday(another lie)

if someone will say this it just shows what a horrible, manipulative, unfeeling, selfish person she is! i would hate to be her daughter! she owes money all over...she will be looking as she only left on friday!!!!!

be careful 


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10 Feb 2009 21:33 by Emerald Property Management Star rating in Estepona,Malaga. 180 posts Send private message

There was a link posted by someone on another thread for a web site for vetting potential tenents.Does anyone know what the site is please? I cannot seem to find the thread it was on?

I think it was a site that you can post details of tenents to avoid?

Thanks for any help

Vicci Healy  Emerald Property Management and Building Specialists ...

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10 Jun 2009 21:04 by kernow24 Star rating. 106 posts Send private message

Did you ever get the information on the site as I would also be very interested?

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15 Jun 2009 15:06 by robmct Star rating in Edinburgh/London - .... 196 posts Send private message

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I have had tenants just walk out on myself.. 

They sent a mail at 10pm one evenign saying we have left apt as we cant afford it.

Luckily i kept there deposit but that was eaten up in agency fees, no refund even though it was an 11 month let and tenants walked after 5 weeks, no bills paid either.

Tenants in question

Erwin de Coo

Louise Giovanelli

They live in the Du Quesa area. Apparently owners who cant rent out there 2 bed but need a 3 bed ++ apt for kids to visit.









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15 Jun 2009 15:12 by Nati Star rating in Manilva (Costa del .... 237 posts Send private message

Cannot you take these people to court? If you  have a contract, it should be easy to sue them?


 Ana Sánchez. PGCE, MA & BA(Hons)

Teaching and Translation Services

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15 Jun 2009 15:17 by robmct Star rating in Edinburgh/London - .... 196 posts Send private message

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Hi Nat

I was advised its a waste of time and would only cost me more money, i offered them a deal, just pay outstanding bills and i wont take it further but they just ignored me, guess people just know it wont go anywhere..


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15 Jun 2009 15:52 by Nati Star rating in Manilva (Costa del .... 237 posts Send private message

that´s frustrating. There should be something in place you can do. At least posting their names will help other people avoid these tenants. good luck



 Ana Sánchez. PGCE, MA & BA(Hons)

Teaching and Translation Services

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