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28 May 2010 22:17:

"There will always be those who agree with barbaric cultures"

Thank you for calling my country barbaric. One thing is that people don't agree with treating bulls the way they are treated in bullfights but something very different is generalising about a country like that. I spent 10 years in the UK and never slagged it off like this cos it gave me a husband, job, family and friends. I hope people remember there are Spaniards reading these threads.


Thread: Spanish bull fighting

09 Mar 2010 17:44:

Damage caused by floods in Manilva has been on national news as well!!

Thread: Floods in Manilva

09 Mar 2010 17:28:

That is being positive Suemac. The situation in Spain is very bad and apparently is going to become worse in the next few years. In our case we will have to move somewhere else in Spain or even consider going back to the UK. In the meantime I want to enjoy my present life on the coast as the future is uncertain and I don't want to worry much about it, I just want to live and enjoy my present.

Thread: Is living in Spain really that bad now???

08 Feb 2010 20:22:

I would not move to Spain at this time at all. There are no jobs on the coast and in the big cities may be more but still not enough. This will take a long time to recover so I would just hold on. HOwever, it is a different story for retired people as they don't have to rely on a job

Thread: Is living in Spain really that bad now???

08 Feb 2010 20:14:

Hi Mike,

your frien can either send her cv or call schools straight away. There are no agencies, you do it yourself


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