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09 May 2008 00:00 by shar Star rating in Campo in Albatera, C.... 36 posts Send private message

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Albatera is a town located in the area of “Vega Baja”, on the banks of the Segura river, a beautiful countryside spot, surrounded by mountains, with excellent views beautiful weather and friendly people - the real Spain..........

The climate is Mediterranean and the Segura basin boasts the least amount of rainfall of Spain. The average temperature goes from 11 degrees in January to 27.5 in August.

Albatera is full of natural areas, mountains, plains or wetlands, even places where the remains of ancient civilisations have left their cultural and artistic marks. There are many places we have not explored so if anyone has any information or photographs I would love to receive them.....

The Alicante and Murcia airports are close at hand and some of the best beaches of the province too are just 30 minutes away from Albatera, which is a truly traditional town which has kept its Spanish feel despite the spattering of expats.

If you want hustle and bustle at all times then Albatera is probably not the place for you, however it does have a couple of English run bars where, if you feel the need, you can go and join in the activities such as Spanish lessons and quiz nights and Bingo.

Albatera has lots of traditional Spanish bars and restaurants too where you can sample typical Spanish fayre of Tapas and Tortillas amongst the Spanish community. You will find the prices very reasonable too as this is not a tourist area. We have a recently opened Chinese which is very good and a couple of pizzerias and an Italian Restaurant. You could if you wanted (if you live in the municiple and are signed on the padron) also sign up to the free Spanish lessons held in one of the local schools, these are run twice weekly and there you will find around a dozen people, dont be shy we are all in the same boat.

There are many expats living in the Municiple of Albatera and many young families as well as retirees and so if you read on you will see there is something for all ages. We have sports teams for a variety of sports, pubs and clubs to accomodate them also, in fact we boast the largest nightclub on the Costa Blanca on the edge of the town but you wouldn't even know it was there. I've never been to it but my 19 year old son has several times, so you see there really is something for everyone. From time to time the Town Hall organises trips to well known places of interest and the fiestas that are celebrated here are countless...

In the beautiful plaza where you will find along with the Santaigo Apostle church the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) you can also sit outside the old casino and watch the world go by whilst you have a coffee or something a bit stronger. This is now a very popular bar and eatery and on a Sunday you will find many Spaniards here chilling and chatting after they have been to church and you will wonder where they have all come from. This routine, which is steeped in tradition, is one of the reasons why many people, me included, wanted to live here for a more family orientated way of life.

Read more



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09 May 2008 01:33 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6935 posts Send private message

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Hi Shar

We have friends in Albatera, up in the hills & they've been there ages. They bought an older place & renovated it & added on. They love it. They moved to Spain around 30 years ago, raised their family there & their family now live in Spain too. We also have friends in Crevillente just along the road & they, too, live in the hills. We've not explored the area really as we tend just to go directly to our friends homes. Will make an effort to amend that next month. I see from one website it says there's a market on Wed & Fri, which one is best please ?

You didn't mention in Albatera ?  They have a stall on our Lemon Tree Sunday Market at the Campico De Guardamar too. This particular market is within strolling distance from our villa.

Some photos of Albatera CLICK HERE









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19 May 2008 15:39 by shar Star rating in Campo in Albatera, C.... 36 posts Send private message

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Hi Morerosado

Only just noticed your reply to my posting and just been looking at Nannies kitchen which I had not heard about if you ask your freinds to get in touch I will feature this website on mine looks yummy! I wonder if I know any of them? 30 years is a real acheivement! I am impressed!  The market in the town of Albatera is Thursday but the indoor one is open most days. There is also a large market on the outskirts on Albatera just as you come over the motorway.

Have you also been to the Morrocan Tea room.... I have been waiting to go for as long as I can remember never seem to have the time!



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19 May 2008 17:35 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6935 posts Send private message

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Shar, our friends in Albatera have nothing to do with Nannies Kitchen ! I only mentioned them as I noticed, although you say a lot on your site, you hadn't mentioned them yet they have a shop in Albatera. (I just found it by Googling Albatera)

Our friends are Sue & Colin French in Albatera. I know where they live (been a few times) but don't know their address. It's up in the hills way, way, way up a long winding road.

Regarding the large market outside Albatera, when is that on, please ? You're not talking about the "new but not yet organised to open yet" market, are you ? If you go up the AP7 and come off at the first turn to Elche, you will see the buldings, called El Gran Rastro on your left hand side, according to the Torre forum !.









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23 May 2008 00:26 by shar Star rating in Campo in Albatera, C.... 36 posts Send private message

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I wonder if this shop Nannies kitchen is a shop or based from someones home?? have nver seen or heard of it? will look into it.

The market is on a Sunday is open air one just on the way into Albatera on the left coming from San Isidro!

Not heard of Colin and Sue, not doing very well am I, I know quite a few people but not them yet!!!!!!

Speak soon


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23 May 2008 03:06 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6935 posts Send private message

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Hi Shar, I can't sleep so decided to post to you. 

Thanks for details about Sunday market. I've noted it down, somewhere different to go although we have a fantastic Sunday market at Campo de Guardamar about a ten min stroll through our urb from us so we shall look up Nannies kitchen  as their website says they have a stall there.









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13 Jun 2011 13:06 by jax7 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

 Hi Shar,

Can you tell me where the Moroccan tea room is as I can't seem to find anything about it.

Thanks Jacqui

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13 Jun 2011 18:04 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6935 posts Send private message

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Can you tell me where the Moroccan tea room is as I can't seem to find anything about it.

I typed Moroccan tea room Albatera into Google, don't know how you didn't find it, Jacqui (advertised in here, with photos) 

Scroll down to Best places to visit Costa Blanca ... Spain's best kept secret ? The Arabian Tea House.

VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!!! At those prices I doubt if it's still open!

Shar, do you know, please?









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13 Jun 2011 18:11 by jax7 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

 Hi again,

I found that page but it says it's run by English people. I was told about the place by a Spanish guy & he said it was run totally by Moroccans. Maybe there is another place.

Thanks anyway Jacqui

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13 Jun 2011 18:39 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6935 posts Send private message

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Hopefully Shar will pop by & give us news.









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18 Jun 2011 16:16 by mr.kevin Star rating in Costa Blanca. 189 posts Send private message

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Hi More, well Shar is having a well earned rest in Benidorm this weekend following a barby at ours last night, so I will have to do.

The moors tea room is just out of Albatera and I think it is open every day, better in the evening as it is getting dusk, as they have candle lights all around the gardens.

The place is run by Morrocans speaking Spanish but is is easy to get by if you only speak Spanglish. It costs 8 euro each to get in and you get unlimited time there, Moorish tea and cakes, a bit dear but worth it once. Better if there are a few of you.

You can find it in the campo just out of Albatera, on the N340 travelling between Albatera and Crevillente you come to 2 Cepsa filling stations on each side of the road, on your left is a road that leads towards the mountains, go up there for 3-4 kilometres until you get to a crossroads, there are fig trees on the right just before the cross roads and a small building on your left at the junction. You will see a small arrow sign with a moorish symbol on it pointing to your right, follow this sign down a rather bumpy road and around a few bends. There are more signs along this road until you reach the tea room.

We have been there twice and enjoyed each visit.


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28 Jul 2015 08:36 by Anney0 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi there. We are in the process of buying a house not far from the Morroccan tearoom. Does anyone live nearby as we are trying to find out a few things such as the water supply we understand is not drinking water but would it be filter able as we have heard scary stories about not even being able to wash clothes in it. 

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28 Jul 2015 17:01 by MarkLovehart Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Hi All

I have recently been looking at houses in Spain so it´s key to get to know the area, I found this quite helpful...

TypicalNonspanish --- there is an article on "finding the perfect Spanish city"

Have a look it may help :)


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