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26 Nov 2007 00:00 by michael12 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

This company should be avoided at all costs as a former employee of the company I have witnessed some of the most underhanded appauling activities.

This ranges from being told by the owners to tell clients that we sold 80% of clients properties on before completion, which at the time was blatantly untrue,and we were also told to give ridiculous rates of capital growth for properties.

The internal running of the company was even worse, and on numerous occassions staff were asked to get senior Directors of the company "hooked up" with some of the female members of staff, or else!! Most of this was by text message which thankfully has been retained in case it is ever required.

Many of the staff were not and are not receiving commissions as the owners had amassed a tax deficit of 9 million euros between 2001 and 2002, which is still being cleared.

You will all be pleased to know that the " affectionately " known A Team have reinvented themselves as Polar, and are washing their hands of any client / employee issues that need to be resolved.

Under no circumstances should you use Ocean Estates for any sort of transaction!



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26 Nov 2007 15:08 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message









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11 Dec 2007 10:25 by sref Star rating in Costa Blanca, Spain. 5 posts Send private message

Nice to see an ex employee take it out on the company after leaving.

The truth only comes out once the money has been pocketed!

Yes there are bend companies out there and people should be made aware of them to stop it happening again to others but you took the money whilst you were working for them, so why it bad now and not whilst you were an employee?

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28 Dec 2007 18:36 by robmct Star rating in Edinburgh/London - .... 196 posts Send private message

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I used Ocean to Buy my Apt and i have to say the sales guy ( has his own company now ) was exceptional, the after sales was superb - i even saved Tens of thousands on builders price....

I have noticed they seem to have gone,  don't see any sign boards, cars and shop fronts,  only office i see is in Peurto Banus and that was empty last week.

Looks like the big boys have had there day...



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09 Jan 2008 14:04 by Irosa Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Yes another member of staff not been paid, ME?? keep getting put off by accounts dep. ** EDITED ** Name removed ?? and I left on good terms!! Word is that they are apparantly getting bought by Royal Resorts, so now going to have a go through a lawyer to retrieve my pay??? Who do these people think they are??? it wouldn´t happen in the UK?? You work really hard and then they don´t pay??? happens a lot here in Spain apparantly?? Silly staff from the Almeria Office in Roquetas who are still waiting to get paid from November are actually still working there?????? and they know part of there salary has gone up the big bosses noses. They need exposure without a doubt and I will do my best!!!

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27 Jun 2008 16:10 by investoreurope Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I have meet some of the people  working for Polar GMD what i have been told is different stories from each person in what they actualy do.  Also lies have already started coming out from the office when you speak to them.  It sounds like they are trying to sell any developer to estate agents but the worse is that some of them have never sold property before and 1 guy worked for a high pressure property company and he is being told exactly what to say and how to sell.  But his and the other experience is actually from boiler rooms selling illagel stocks.  They are praying on desperate people who need jobs to work for them and will sell anything and tell any one anything to get a sale.....  luckly no sales have gone through in a while

best advice stay away dont ever deal with them and dont trust them in anything they say


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29 Jun 2008 15:44 by scambuster Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

Is that true about Ocean Estates closing even their Banus office?

Neither they, their employees not the 'A' Team who are now Polar GMB should be trusted with a bargepole. They have been exposed 8-9 times in the S. Times, Mail on Sunday, TV etc etc for constant mis-selling, lying, selling without Planning Permits, 'Flipping' investment, paying with 'B' money, recommending in-house 'dodgy' lawyers.

They were the past masters of the whole deception on the Coasts and moved much of their operations to places like S. Africa, Turkey, Portugal, Florida and other 'emerging (not) markets.

Avoid them like the plague if they re-invent themselves.

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02 Jul 2008 17:31 by blakey1510 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

my wife and i are looking to move out to the cosat blanca as my wife's mum live's out there just near villa martin, could anybody let me know if there any real estate jobs going, i have over 12 years direct sales expereance, but i dont want to work for a bad company i would like to work for a company that offers a contract



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12 Jul 2008 15:55 by scambuster Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

Following a visit to their Banus office, half of it is closed and only a skeleton staff made up of typical wide boys. The few remaining staff have not been paid for 2 months or so, only about 16 remain. Trying to maintain an image for the unfortunate few people who have naively reserved property, they'd be advised to pull out quickly.

Some Directors went off and formed another agency called Hestiun, also in trouble now, staff went to H2O, Livingstone estates and even MRI, and the 'A' Team have formed the not to be trusted Polar GMD, money also went off to S. Africa, Turkish side is closing too.

Serves them right, they were the main mis-sellers where many others copied, Adios Ocean Estates also known as Awful Estates.

Investing with any of them can seriously damage your wealth, and health!

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19 Jul 2008 12:26 by scambuster Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

Reliable information says that Ocean Estates are no longer members of AIPP.

Either AIPP have got rid of them, or, Ocean have run out of money and can't afford their membership sub.

It is good news though, maybe their time is almost over, and people won't b duped anymore.

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23 Aug 2008 12:50 by Spartacus Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

I can tell you the truth of Ocean Estates , have worked for them about a year and now Im in the progress in sueing them as they havent paid since may 2008. I fortunatley have left the company and work for another agent never the less they still owe me a lot of money. however I went to the spanish workers union and they ensured me the money they owe me they  devnitley have to pay and even if they go bankrupt the spanish government has a fund from which they will pay you. To come back to Ocean since begining of July the Costa Blanca office is closed, they told us they were waiting for a court case to decide if we continue or not , I havent heard anything since then, imagine working 4 months without being paid and an office which has been closed for 2 months , very Ocean like!!! Anyway some ppl at ocean were good hard working ppl so the bestards of the buissness sit in the Managment and I swear if i ever see that t manager ** EDITED - Name ** again he will get punched. I recommend to all vendors try to get your keys back and try to cotnact marbella asap if it is not too late, if you need any other info just contact me ps I might will write an article for costa blanca news,.

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23 Aug 2008 13:34 by scambuster Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

Sorry to hear your problems with Ocean, Spartacus, it's typical how they treat both staff and clients alike.

As for ** EDITED - Name **, he still owes us over 80k euros plus interest for 4 years having promised to pay us for their deception over misselling properties.

When will they finally go bust, and why don't the Spanish Gov't and regulators (joke) jail them for misleading, and stealing from so many innocent people? They started the whole sorry mess of deception on the Coast.

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25 Aug 2008 09:30 by Spartacus Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

80k a lot of money! sorry to hear that, i wonder if ocean will disapear,they prolly just open another S.L and leave the old S.L to go bust, thats what they were trying recently as´Ocean consists of two different companies, cant exactly remeber both names one was macdonald ... S.L and the other just Ocean., im sure they will find another way. Despite being for about 5 years one of the biggest agent and have no savings , seems to me unbelievable, my version they have shifted as much black money as they could towards Thailand where they have it saved making interest for them. Why do I assume that cuz in the past year many times when there was no money in the company nor cash flow mr P.B. flew to thailand and then came back after week and wages were paid with a week delay very suspicous. Anyway ocean estates when i worked there was to start with a normal company well wages were paid late, but the team we had in CB was very professional. Most mistakes and dogy buisness were made in the busy sales years not recently , all the bad buisness ppl apart from the mangement have left.  So under the period I worked there I have met many unhappy people but at the same time many happy clients too, the problem they had, they grew too fast too big,  employing anyone who wanted to work.. Now I can only say im sorry for my ex collegues which sit in the same boat , which have worked hard and tried to change things and save the company but it was not to us to make a difference. In the year i worked with ocean i nver lied to a single client nor making false hopes nor my collegues , but heard indeed some stories. Well I will post again as soon I know if I get my money and I win my case. 

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04 Sep 2008 14:55 by scambuster Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

Spartacus, I have just sent you a p.m.

Anyone got any more news as to Ocean Estates situation, are they paying staff yet, have they almost gone?

For new purchasers a warning, 'trust Ocean at your peril', this is aimed at their hierarchy who teach their staff their misleading, deceptive hard sell to unwary purchasers.

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21 Oct 2008 21:37 by scambuster Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

WARNING : Recent link to Ocean Estates!!!!!! 

Are they off to Thailand with their dough PB? Are there only a couple of staff left in Spain (unpaid of course)?

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22 Oct 2008 07:33 by dondonsinspain Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

Are Ocean Estates part of Ocean View Properties?  They were a client of ours with their Duquesa Office - and left almost overnight leaving an outstanding factura!

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22 Oct 2008 10:56 by Spartacus Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Hello, I haven heard about Ocean View properties, but it might be that Ocean has mutliple names now because of their financial situation, and leaving without paying sounds to me very Ocean like, so you might be one of the many people who are waiting for their money which I believe you will never see again.  I ve been into the old CB office and I was told they owe the owners 140k euros plus electricity, phone bills, water, security, etc.... so by the end of the day it wouldnt surprise me Ocan Estates and Ocean View properties are the same people but I cant give you a 100% answer try to google it and see what you find ,



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22 Oct 2008 18:57 by Just Dan Star rating. 440 posts Send private message

Can assure you 100% that they have only one thing in common as far as business goes.

They are both

Just Dan

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22 Oct 2008 20:06 by Tish Star rating in Surrey. 833 posts Send private message

Ocean View and Ocean Estates are two seperate entities. They have no connection to each other whatsoever. As Dan says, they are both **** companies.

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26 Oct 2008 16:38 by scambuster Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

As a further warning about Ocean Estates, don't forget they are operating in Thailand where their PB regularly flits to with 'loads of money' from Spain.

They are seriously 'not to be trusted with a bargepole', anyone buying through them in Thailand or elsewhere is more than likely to pay far to much for property having listened to all their 'pie in the sky' promises of capital growth.

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