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10 Aug 2013 09:43:

The Spanish are doing with Gibraltar what the Argentinians did with the Falkland Islands. Kicking up a big fuss to distract it's people from the economic woes of it's own country.

My brother in law has lived in Buenos Aires for over 30years and has an Argentinian family. He says that most Argentinians, especially the young are not interested in gaining back the Islands.

Thread: Gibraltar ownership - is it merely a political distraction?

10 Aug 2013 09:25:

Many congratulations to you both! What a wonderful story!! Beautiful photographs too.

I remember both of you so well in the days when I posted on here. Inez was such a lovely lady, no malice and full of helpful advice. The same can be said of you, Smiley. I also remember when inez had health problems and am delighted to hear that she weathered the storm. She looks the picture of health and a radiant bride. Have a long and happy life together.

Best wishes to you both,



04 Aug 2012 11:47:

As I said, if Spain was the only choice then it might be worth the risk......but it's not.

Thread: Spanish motorway robberies on british tourist etc

04 Aug 2012 10:55:

We've done fly/car hire many, many times in Spain and not had a problem with the exception of a problem car twice. Mind you, one of those was a puncture??? You will always hear two sides to the argument, but why take an unnecessary risk? The idea of a holiday is to have fun and relaxation. Reading these reports we would worry all the time. When we stopped for fuel, a meal break and overnight stops. We would have been driving a Land Rover with GB plates, not undercover in a Spanish car! Even flying and hiring a car, they are easily recognisable by the number plates. There are plenty of other destinations in the world to enjoy . We are always aware of our surroundings when on holiday but Spain now appears to be one risk too far. It's a great shame.

Thread: Spanish motorway robberies on british tourist etc

04 Aug 2012 10:02:

We were going to drive down to Spain in September as we planned to have an extended holiday staying in France along the way for about a week or so. First time we have no time constraints! After reading a report this week in the press that the Foreign Office were warning people of the huge increase in incidents of robbery, we were put off. Having just read these posts we definitely will not be driving as it's just not worth taking the risk. Even flying and doing car hire seems not to be an ideal option either. We are considering changing our holiday destination. I'm really dissapointed as we see several friends who live in Spain and where we stay is so familiar to us.

Another shot in the already "annihilated" foot for Spain?

Thread: Spanish motorway robberies on british tourist etc


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