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23 Nov 2022 11:21 PM by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 651 posts Send private message

i received a EOS private message from KATIE444 sent at 15.00am this morning. I think it is spam and I think it is a new Member. This person wants me to reply by Email but format is incorrect. How do I report this as Spam and get this person banned without paying the é 9.00  for a general enquirt








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24 Nov 2022 7:33 AM by dcp21 Star rating in Mold. 21 posts Send private message

24 Nov 2022 9:37 AM by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 651 posts Send private message

I see there is not a facility to report a Private Message Post. How does one advise EOS then




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24 Nov 2022 9:50 AM by baz1946 Star rating. 2317 posts Send private message

I got mine from dear Katie telling me she / he had something important to tell me so if I could email her on her private email address, I just told her to use this sites system to inform me of such important information that I desperatly needed to know, she / he sounded so genuine, just like the Africans who are in love with me and if I send thousands so they can repair Aunties mud hut roof they will return the favour in Gold bars ASAP.

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25 Nov 2022 12:08 PM by juansheetisplenty Star rating in Cartagena. 283 posts Send private message

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I also received one today. Admin, Can this person be removed?

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25 Nov 2022 12:28 PM by johnmcmahon Star rating. 335 posts Send private message

snap. me too !

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25 Nov 2022 5:29 PM by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 651 posts Send private message

I posted this private message to her this morning. She says to me she is a miliary officer in the Syria Peacekeeping mission


Hello Katie

Please do not send  me any more private Messages

You still have still  not provided a profile on this Forum. This is a  requirement for this Forum. You do not even live in Spain. This is a purely Spanish Forum. We have asked for your  Logon to be revoked  as your posts are regarded as Spam £



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25 Nov 2022 6:48 PM by MikeandHelen Star rating. 191 posts Send private message

Click on the spam tab on your posting 


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25 Nov 2022 7:01 PM by eos_ian Star rating in Valencia. 503 posts Send private message

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Thanks, we will look into it.



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