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14 Nov 2022 11:47 AM by buttons Star rating in Nerja. 15 posts Send private message

I purchased a new car from Peugeot in July 2020; it has developed a fault concerning the display screen which is intermittent. It has been investigated by the garage and "repaired" on more than one occasion.  I have taken it back for further investigation as the screen continues to stop working; I have been told that as the car is now out of its 2 year warranty I will have to pay.  What are my rights? Will that particular fault be covered by the warranty as it was not repaired correctly? 

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14 Nov 2022 3:11 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1940 posts Send private message

You would need  proof that they didn't repair the fault properly during the warranty...unfortunately this is going to be difficult for you to prove..

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14 Nov 2022 8:32 PM by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2626 posts Send private message

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If a part was replaced, you should have been offered the manufacturer of the products guarantee. If that is longer than the original car warranty it should be replaced/ repaired but you would have to pay the labour charge.

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14 Nov 2022 9:19 PM by buttons Star rating in Nerja. 15 posts Send private message

Thank you for your reply .

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15 Nov 2022 9:14 AM by windtalker Star rating. 1940 posts Send private message

 All manufacturers are only  obliged to repair or replace  faulty goods up to the expiry of the warranty any parts they supplied to carryout a repair are only guaranteed up to the original  warranty period...after this you are on your  own. 


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15 Nov 2022 10:00 AM by baz1946 Star rating. 2327 posts Send private message

I don't know to much about consumer law in Spain when it comes to buying a new car apart from whats been said with a  2 year warranty.

In England a very little unknown, and not spoken about at all law is that if a car is repaired under the manufactures warranty and the same fault keeps reacuring you have up to 6 years to get it fixed, providing of course you have every bit of proof like invoices and proof of payments of having the same job done in the first place and it is still breaking down.

Of course that is as I said England, but it was inforce when we were in the EU, the other side of the coin is you are withing in your rights to return the car to the new car seller and demand you have your money back, or a very satisfactory complete repair, England again.

Some years back Vauxhall had a massive problem with hard top convertible astras, sometimes the roof went up, sometimes not and all sorts of problems with the roof, I personall know of two people who took the cars back and got refunds.

Spain is no different to any other country when it comes to getting good work done, if they can fob you of and get away with it they will.

You need to speak to a good solicitor who knows their stuff on consumer law, if such exists in Spain. We often see newish cars parked out side new car dealers with stickers all over them telling passers by of the problems the car has had and not repaired, would that work? no idea.

Also if you have bought the car on finance and a year or two is still outstanding have a word with your company because by rights it's still their car until you pay in full, and no dealer likes the finance company getting in touch with  them over a cars consistant problem.


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16 Nov 2022 11:13 AM by AidaLawyer Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Dear Buttons and friends of "eye on Spain", 

I am Aida Garcia, a lawyer specialising in civil law and defend consumer rights against car companies, in Court or friendly settlement. Please, I invite you to visit our website of our lawfirm "GCE Abogados" in Marbella (Spain).

Button, in your case, the Spanish Consumer Law defends your rights, in particular in "articulo 120 and 123", and the seller must repair your device if it appears within the 2 year time limit. However, there are exceptions in the law and this period can be longer, for example, if the official Peugeot garage had the device for "2 weeks" to repair it, your warranty increases from 2 years - to 2 years and "2 weeks".

There are also other assumptions in the law, that you can read in these articles. To find your specific case in the law, it is important to know where you repaired it before, or when it made the first and last repairs, or when you talked about failure with Peugeot...

I will be happy to help you if you have any questions (we can speak in English, Spanish and Arabic). Please, do not hesitate to contact me by phone, or Whatsapp, or email, or this app. 

Best regards, 

Aida García, 

Lawyer (L.L.M.)


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