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05 Aug 2021 9:17 PM:

Kavanagh, My billing period 23/6 to 25/7 was issued 28/7. IVA 10%. Pretty sure my part June bill was at 10% also

Thread: Comparison of new versus previous electricity rates

17 May 2021 9:26 AM:

Take your time and rent in different places for maybe a month in each location. This will build your knowledge, feel, and accessibility of the areas.


Thread: Costa del sol or Costa Calida

22 Feb 2021 5:26 PM:

Sent mine via Transferwise to a client account with my lawyer. Sending in a few chunks as mentioned below, isn't a bad idea. I sent my cash over on a Thursday evening and it did take until Tuesday for it to reach my lawyer's account so it was a worrying few days. You also have a window to cancel the transaction prior to sending cash to Transferwise in case the rate improves. Could be an easy £50 if the wind is in your favour! 

Thread: Money Transfers

26 Dec 2020 7:10 AM:

Kavanagh, absolutely. We always have travel cover and have used the EHIC a number of times for routine warfarin type stuff and used ehic twice in anger. The first occasion, the insurance company (RBS) took several days of reviewing UK medical records before they agreed to support us, though we verbally review our policy in detail every year. Our UK GP described to us how the insurance company appeared to be searching for a get out.  The claim included repatriation but if they hadn't supported the claim and without the ehic the hospital costs would have been many 10's of thousands. Bottom line is, continued ehic is a great piece of news to come out of this.  Finally, yes I am a whining remoaner but very happy and hope to be proved wrong.

Thread: EHIC cards

25 Dec 2020 7:08 PM:

Lots don't appreciate issues around pre-existing conditions. For example, if I have a condition, I could choose to not cover that condition but continue with other covers such as breaking bones etc. Without ehic cover insurance costs would increase significantly, I and many others probably wouldn't be able to get a policy and have to remain forever in the UK. So glad this is in the deal, imo everything else will just be less efficient and clunky such as IDP's, Non-residents tax, customs declarations when posting parcels to Spain and of course 30 odd k pension needed to retire to Spain etc etc.


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Thread: EHIC cards


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