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19 Jan 2023 3:50 PM:

And more to the point 3 years ago!!!! 


Thread: Taxes as an online teacher

25 Nov 2022 12:08 PM:

I also received one today. Admin, Can this person be removed?

Thread: Spam

30 Aug 2022 7:35 PM:

Karisy asked in 2019! Another spammer resurrecting an old thread!

Thread: Medical insurance cover in Spain

11 Jul 2022 12:28 PM:

I sold in May 2021 and the 3% was due t be returned in December. My solictor was quite active and kept chaisng. The first excuse was that the Bank of Spain had rejected the payment as they needed a certificate from my UK/EUro bank that I was the account holder. Sounds crazy but thats what they wanted and the Bank supplied it. The another few months passed, and I happened to arrange a visit back to Spain. After another visit from my solicitor to the Hacienda they eventually paid up in March. As per the earlier reply the your solictor needs to be pushing. Good luck!

Thread: Emailing the Agencia Tributaria

23 Apr 2022 3:01 PM:

Original post 2016. Probably fixed by now??????

Thread: Eye Watering Agua Factura AMJASA Javea


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