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13 Aug 2017 17:14:

Agree with all previous posters recommendations. Been doing the winters away for quite a while now.

Insurance: LV are pretty good on car and home insurance with regard to absence.

While a neighbour keeps her eye on the mailbox, I now monitor everything remotely with crucially a Nest remote thermostat that keeps the house at minimum I have set at 16.5C when away. I can boost this as required and switch it up a few days before returning. I  can check the house temperature on my phone while away for added assurance.

For the water I have installed a Surestop switch in the kitchen so the neighbour can easily turn mains water on and off at the press of a button.

I have put  a cameras (Clever dog off EBAY) that alert any movement in the house and take videos.

I have also installed an intelligent lighting system that turns outside lights on at dusk etc. IKEA are doing these now so the price is coming down,

All of this is possible with help of the internet.

Just some suggestions

Un saludo


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19 Jul 2017 11:53:

I queried this increase last year. I also posted on here and got some responses as to why this all changed in 2015.


See link, Regards

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17 Jul 2017 16:09:

or use a converter


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28 Jun 2017 16:21:

Original post: we will be moving to Spain in January . Could anyone advise us on health insurance please ? We have been online and it seems to be very expensive..

Try looking here. Depends on the level you sign up for but a friend pays around 50 Euros per month for insurance. All depends on age level, location and pre-existing conditions. I use them on an ad-hoc basis and a consultation with English speaking doc is around 40 Euros.



Thread: Health insurance

20 Jun 2017 09:40:

Another key consideration is whether or not you will be  a resident. As a non resident regardless of where you buy the allowance is around Euros 16500. If you decide to become resident your uk houses would be considered second homes.

Lots to consider and best get an accountant.



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