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11 Jan 2017 18:23:

Anna 1808, the attached link will show you how to drive through the tolls without even opening a window. We use it and it is great. Beats queuing at the manual barriers. It will not, however work in Spain. You stick the gizmo on the inside of the windscreen and your UK bank account is charged following month.


As for hotels, it  depends where you are coming from in UK. Typically we drive down and stay in Calais giving us a clear next day. Our usual route is therough Rouen, then across through Clermont Ferrand, Milllau bridge, Narbonne, Girona, etc. Easy drive.  Place we stay/have stayed Calais, Bourges, Clermont Ferrand, Narbonne, Girona, Barcelona.  All really depends on timing of your arrival at Calais. We tend to use ACCOR hotels.

Good luck!

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09 Jan 2017 20:06:


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05 Jan 2017 17:15:

Anywhere else for info? don't use social media.

Tteed, if you do a google it is an open facebook page....no need to log in as I do not do social media either. However, if anybody has visited San Javier airport in the last month you will realise the extent of the flooding. The car park was mud! The airport did close for a day and and the whole area was inundated with water. To such an extent that UK supermarkets were importing salad vegetables by plane from the US as Murcia was so badly hit..


Thread: Seguro Parking

05 Jan 2017 15:07:

Yes I checked the Facebook page too as I am a customer. They are in my experience very responsive. Seems to be a gap between first post by a new poster and their facebook page.........hmmm!???

Thread: Seguro Parking

04 Dec 2016 20:43:

Just replaced our KIA car in Murcia with a new one 4 weeks ago. Very much like the UK. The dealers like you to engage in the negotiating process. Overall is was fairly easy. Just some caveats:

1) Don't expect to pay the internet advertised price, unless you are taking credit. You will rarely get so low due to matriculation costs etc. You can still haggle for discounts. Look at http://www.coches.net/nuevos/ for price references. Print out copies so they know you know the prices.

2) If you are buying as a non-resident and are not on the "padron" you will also need to produce a copy of tenancy agreement or property title.

3) Be prepared to pay upfront via bank transfer or bank draft. It is normal process.

4) The insurance company wanted us to contact them whilst at the garage to change over the registration numbers on the insurance policy. Not quite as the UK when you just telll them day of exchange.


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