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17 Feb 2021 15:45:

Maria, the UK as I understand it remains a member of SEPA, If you click on the link within the article you quoted, the UK is still listed and does have IBAN numbers. It is the the Spanish banks who are applying this interpretation (unfairly in my opinion).

Attached link offers some insights in particular the comments


Un saludo


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Thread: Bank Charges

11 Feb 2021 22:55:

Well I just did a quick check on sendng £1000 and XE delivered 1124.70 and Transferwise 1,134.62, so just puzzled why you would use XE in the first place???


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Thread: Starling Bank Euro Account

10 Feb 2021 20:17:

After doing some more research I think there are several strands to this.

1) Payments from GB Ibans in Euros to Spain where Banks like Sabadell are charging 18 Euros to receive funds. That is one issue

2) Whether a Spanish entity will accept a non Spanish IBAN for a direct debit. BTW this does not only affect UK residents other instances have been noted.

In my own circumstances I started being charged last year by Bankia for monthly maintenance. I began moving all my direct debits to Transferwise in anticipation. As it happened I challenged Bankia and got the charges reversed as they had not recognized an insurance I had with them, but continued with the DD transfer process nevertheless. Transferwise provides a Belgian IBAN number and I had no probs with Electricity, community fees etc. The one I had problems with was water, but I insisted that it is a European legal requirements that they accept a non-spanish Iban. Eventually they produced a word document to complete. Iberdrola is now even set up to provide a drop down box for country of identification of an IBAN number as they vary in length by country,

Now the only issue I have encountered is with the "Hacienda" in paying non-resident tax. Apparently they will  only accept a Spanish Iban for direct debit.   I had discussions with a friend who runs a business in Spain who was also looking into this. At the time we discussed N28 and at that time was not recognized as a "partner" by the Hacienda for payment of taxes. If N28 now uses Spanish IBANS this may now longer be the case.

It seems as ever with Spain most commercial enterprises are following the EU instructions, but as for the Hacienda who knows!

There is probably also post brexit confusion about supplying full address details for GB based Euro  accounts, as we remain a member of SEPA.

If anybody has any further information to clarify that would be helpful. I found the attached link quite interesting especially the comments.


Un saludo

Thread: Starling Bank Euro Account

10 Feb 2021 10:56:

Personally I would recommend Transferwise. You get a multi currency debit card and best exchange rates. The Euro account will have a Belgian IBAN avoiding DD hassles.



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Thread: Starling Bank Euro Account

10 Nov 2020 19:30:

Unfortunately Paypal only operates as a single currency account. At one stage I operated one in Euros and one in Sterling using different email addresses, likewise different EBAY accounts. There is one more solution you could look at and that is to set up a multicurrency account like Transferwise which operate in multiple currencies through one debit card.

Cheers, Juan

Thread: Paypal


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