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08 May 2021 9:11 AM by watchmanager Star rating. 25 posts Send private message


I have contacted Eye on Spains Weekly Digest on several occasions now with what I consider is a problem, but with no response. Not surprising as they state that they don't contact everyone.

However, I surely can't be alone in this.

My problem is that I receive the digest on my mobile and have difficulty reading it due to the very light incipient grey font they use. It can't be rocket science to increase the 'blackness' of the font.

Does anyone else think the same. If so then can I request that the EOS Digest take note and change it.


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08 May 2021 10:14 AM by TFiLondon Star rating in East Sussex. 18 posts Send private message


Try a Google or Youtube search for your phone model for high-contrast text/fonts.

If your phone has that option you should be able to change the text to black on white or visa versa or a more defined text with an outline.

Good luck

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08 May 2021 10:21 PM by watchmanager Star rating. 25 posts Send private message

Til. Thanks for that but I have no issue with the font clarity on my phone from any other aspect, only from this one site.

It should be an easy matter for them to change the colour of the font to a recognised black. In fact, by a click of a button.

After all, you wouldn't send a letter in that type if grey would you?

I may be wrong as you are the only one who has commented on it.

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12 May 2021 5:54 PM by acer Star rating. 1457 posts Send private message

I'm not at all well versed in these matters but there are half a dozen websites where I struggle.  On one I receive their image far to the RHS of my screen, on another I cannot see the boxes in which you're required to put your PIN.  The lines are far too faint.

The most frustrating was a bank website where logging on was very tedious.  I complained a few times and spoke to a series of folk who spouted platitudes at me then finally I struck lucky and spoke to a guy that knew.  Apparent the bank website was not comptible with Firefox, my usual browser.  He suggested I use Google Chrome and hey presto - all is rosy in the garden.  

I don't know if this will help?  In actual fact I use Google Chrome to access EOS, it seems to connect easier, no idea why, it's all completely over my head.  But worth a try - it's free.

Don't argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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14 May 2021 8:18 PM by eos_ian Star rating in Valencia. 498 posts Send private message

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Watchmanager, I have sent you a private message.





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