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08 May 2021 10:14:


Try a Google or Youtube search for your phone model for high-contrast text/fonts.

If your phone has that option you should be able to change the text to black on white or visa versa or a more defined text with an outline.

Good luck

Thread: Watchmanager

13 Feb 2021 22:27:

Many thanks for the reply, I shall do as you suggest.... regards Kevin


Thread: Banco Santander, Manilva (San luis de Sabinillas) email address known?

10 Feb 2021 11:43:

I've lost access to my online account with Banco Santander, Manilva (San luis de Sabinillas) and did not have the opportunity to visit the branch 2020 to resolve online access.

In short, does anyone know an email address for this branch?

When the bank changed from Banco de Andalucia to Banco Popular an email address was available, I have not tried the old email address as it was numerals, a format like this: 00000000@bancopopular.es

Any help or advice will be useful, many thanks

Thread: Banco Santander, Manilva (San luis de Sabinillas) email address known?

05 Feb 2021 23:08:

Hi Mariedav

Thank you for your reply, this prompted me to log back in to my account La Caixa account to double check.

You are correct, thank you, I missed read, and yes its per quarter in advance and not monthly as I missed read.

It's a lesser issue facing a 4 x 35 than a 12 x 35 charge.

Thank you for your response!

Thread: Bank Charges

05 Feb 2021 22:04:

I can add, that as a non-resident I have just been advised that very soon my account with La Caixa will look to charge 35 euro pm plus usual commissions for operating the account.

I would be interested to change at some point as I don't use the account much, other than funding it to pay a few bills, which they take a commission and will continue to do so.

I would prefer a Spanish bank with a physical presence in Malaga or Cadiz.

Failing that, an online bank that works both with a smartphone and online with a PC.


PS. I would add for the 35 euros pm they are including lots of frills that are of no interest to me.



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Thread: Bank Charges


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