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15 Mar 2020 00:06:

HI, I assume the property is in Spain? So to compare with the UK if you start supplying items you will be forever needing to repair or replace them. Hence in the UK most items. including white goods, even those in perfect working order, left by outgoing tenants are either gifted to an incoming tenant or simply removed, usually with the cost or removal deducted from the deposit. So I agree, have the difficult conversation now. 


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Thread: What must you put in a furnished apartment?

01 Feb 2020 12:10:

Hi Mrsubby, thanks for the info, yes we run a combi boiler, nekker I believe.   A thermostatic shower bar sounds a good option, our current item is non-thermostatic.

Always found it difficult to get the water temperature right without the demand on the boiler going off.  It seems a fine adjust to the boiler flame is always required.   Are there any solutions you know off to this?

Like the idea of a pressure gauge to the gas bottle.

Many thanks 

Thread: Planning bathroom upgrade should a bathroom fan be considered

22 Jan 2020 09:49:

Thanks for the replies, which confirm my thoughts to fit a fan.   Certainly, a low noise fan is a good idea, I may even buy the fan in the UK and take it with me for installation.

Do you have any thoughts on bathroom showers,?

Currently, both my showers have non-thermostatic valves and are run off a small gas boiler adjusting flow and temperature can be tricky for some of the family.

I would consider changing one to an electric shower to give an option when gas bottle runs out and to have an easier controllable temperature.

If anyone has any thoughts or experience please share.

Many thanks

Thread: Planning bathroom upgrade should a bathroom fan be considered

17 Jan 2020 11:29:

Hi, I am considering upgrading a bathroom in our apartment in Manilva, LED lighting, new tiling and changing bath for a shower tray etc.
(Don’t think we've ever used the bath for bathing.)  
This bathroom is internal, no window, built 15 years ago, has a "passive" air vent into a communal "chimney" that passes up through further three floors to the roof; there is no fan on the roof. 
Now would be an appropriate time to consider adding a bathroom fan, with run-on time control or humidistat control.  
We have never suffered any damp or condensation issue.
Can anyone offer any experience or advice?

Many thanks

Thread: Planning bathroom upgrade should a bathroom fan be considered

22 Dec 2019 14:44:

Hi mariedav many thanks for the explanation!

Thread: How to pay non-residents tax from England


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