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30 Nov 2019 20:37 by Wolvesmark Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hello everyone,  I am sure this question has been asked many times so I apologise in advance!

We are asking for ideas of locations to buy a property maybe 2+ bedrooms as a holiday home that we could also use for weekly and then as base for a few months at a time as we get older (50 now).  We like good weather with warm winters if possible on Spanish mainland and have a budget of approx £100k. We would like a sea view close to amenities with bars and things going on.  

Any recommendation for nice coastal resorts for us to visit with a view to buy a property that fits what we’re looking for please?

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01 Dec 2019 09:15 by windtalker Star rating. 1628 posts Send private message

Only you can make this choice...if people say buy in this part of the Costa's will only get a reply saying that it's a dump and you should buy somewhere advice would be before you buy in any part of Spain you should take a holiday or rent first before you buy.

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01 Dec 2019 10:00 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5233 posts Send private message

Just a thought for younger people buying

When I bought first, in 1983, I was 43.   As I ran regularly to keep fit, it did not occur to me that walking up and down hills might become a problem.   Having  that wonderful view might mean it's on a higher level.  

20 years ago I moved to a town which is more or less flat, with access to shops, restaurants, and with good public transport. Now although pretty fit, at 80 I appreciate the convenience of living where I do.   If I want to enjoy the mountains and countryside I can drive there and do that. 



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01 Dec 2019 13:37 by baz1946 Star rating. 2159 posts Send private message

We have 3 houses in the area of Punta Prima,  Costa Blanca South, plenty of shops / bars / and close to the beach, about 15 mins walk, 3/4's of an hour from Alicante airport traffic being kind and easy drive, never done the AP7 which is supposed to be a lot quicker.

Spent plenty of Christmas's their, and summers, weather all good, one Boxing day laid on the roof sunbathing for 4 hours, yes it can rain,  one year it did on and of, and can get a bit windy, light coats if weather kind, better coat if not, 3.30 am one year coming out of a restaurant it was actually very mild, yes quite a few do stay open long hours, not like the UK...Can you leave it's nearly 5 pm.

Hospital and doctors close by, chemist open longer hours then the UK.

Winter days are what I call mild, eve's okay, cooler in the house eve's, but thats how the house's are built, days no heating on except if it was really cold, summer hot, and it gets hotter. Even had patio doors open most days in what you could say is winter, but winter months can be a little all over the place, one year allmost every day was great, depends on your out look of weather. A bit darker mornings but lighter eve's then the UK.

Shopping centres are close by and very good, food of every description you can think of, bars everywhere. Plenty of Brits and other nationalitys.

Plenty will say the area they live in is the best, we have not been to other areas, we love this area, probably I am a bit biased.

Hope this can give you an insight to perhaps another / this area.

Good luck.

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02 Dec 2019 23:12 by Wolvesmark Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Some great info very much appreciated.  Punta Prima looks lovely I will have a better look baz1946 and see if we could arrange a visit to view a few properties.  If you have any tips pm me please 👍

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