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26 Jul 2019 11:38 by Chrisware84 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hello I was wondering what to do as my uncle passed away in Spain and when we went through his belongings we found a safety deposit key it has a Santander ribbon on it but there were no documents regarding what branch it was in he lived in orba and my uncle always shredded documents like me staments we have no idea what Santander branch his safety deposit box is in all we have is the key we have contacted a number of branch's with the reply we need his bank account details or him well he's passed away so don't know how we can do that we have no idea who to contact and all our emails to Santander Madrid have not even replied

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26 Jul 2019 14:16 by angeleyes1 Star rating in Camposol & Bradford. 406 posts Send private message

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I bet they already know which box it is now that you have flagged it up and are sharing out the booty already.

When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

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26 Jul 2019 14:42 by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1101 posts Send private message

Is there nothing in the paperwork to show the account number? Not even a bill with some of the numbers blanked out to even give a hint as to which branch (the code near the beginning of the account number will show the bank and branch).

At least it would give the bank a hint on where to start. No hint as to online banking password etc?



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26 Jul 2019 16:09 by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 625 posts Send private message

Maybe check with Soliciters here in Spain or UK. Also look for a will lodged in Spain.

Also ask utility companies such as water , Elecricity or at the Town House on IBI Rates .

Good Luck



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26 Jul 2019 17:01 by Chrisware84 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Nope no booty  just my Nan's and grandad birth certificate uncles will and his st George necklace  but no documents what so ever I don't know how many Santander's with safety deposits are still open In Costa Blanca all I know is it's between orba and Alicante it's like bloody national treasure we wrote to Santander head office and they never replied

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26 Jul 2019 22:14 by ads Star rating. 4022 posts Send private message

Wouldn’t an executor of your Uncle’s will have legal authority to request the information from Santander in order to settle the will?

Just a thought.

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26 Jul 2019 22:21 by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 625 posts Send private message

1. First of all , was your Uncle a Non-resident or Resident in Spain. Did he Own or Rent a Property here in Spai.

2. Who are the Executors of  your Uncle's Will in Spain.

3. You will need to obtain copies of the last Statement for Water as well as Electricity. As these Bills are normally paid by direct debit, the Banking Details should appear on either or both  of these bills. A Gestor or Notary should be able to advise you how to obtain these copies.

4. Once these Banking Details have been established then you will have the Bank & Branch where your Uncle had maintained his Banking Account. Then if this Branch has been closed it should be easy to establish to which Branch all these Accounts were transferred to.


This message was last edited by nigel188 on 26/07/2019.

This message was last edited by nigel188 on 26/07/2019.



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