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20 Jun 2019 16:40 by nicbax Star rating in Fuengirola. 196 posts Send private message

Hi, My hearing is not good and I think I will benefit from hearing aids. I am over 65 years, have residencia and am registered with the Spainsh health authority.

I have been told that the cost of hearing aids can be met by the health service or alternatively I am asked to make a contribution to the cost.

May I ask if anyone has experience of obtaining hearing aids here in Spain. thanks Nic

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20 Jun 2019 20:07 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4543 posts Send private message

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I don't think the health service contribute to the cost (and the modern digital ones are quite costly) but there are discounts for pensioners offered by most suppliers; I can't remember what criteria you need to meet, but I'd start by popping into a local shop and asking - they'll no doubt have all the info you need. I see there's a branch of GAES near the bus station in Fuengirola: https://www.gaes.es/localizador-centros-auditivos-gaes I enquired about this a couple of years ago in their Torremolinos branch for a friend. Sorry, I don't remember the details, but they were very helpful.



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20 Jun 2019 20:29 by nicbax Star rating in Fuengirola. 196 posts Send private message

Hi Roberto, Many thanks for the info; I shall shop around, nic

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21 Jun 2019 07:25 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message


i do not believe the health service in spain will help re the cost of hearing aids but maybe my experience may save you money

i have a hearing loss, which I first noticed about  45 years ago, affectiing certain frequencies, which is ‘inconvenient’ especially in places where there a number  of people speaking at the same time or where there is background noise.  Hearing at public meetings is especially difficulty.  The adverts for digital hearing aids imply they can remedy that by adjusting the frequency level. 

Three times over a period of a three years I tried ‘top of the range ‘hearing aids which have claimed to be able to solve  my problem by adjusting the levels of sound at specific frequencies.  With each i had them reset / re-tuned several times to increase some frequencies and reduce others.  After each trial period of one month  I returned them and got a full refund as they provided very little if any improvement.

I know that people who are profoundly deaf do get considerable help with hearing aids however from my experience and that of a few friends, one of whom had a ‘hearing aid shop’ all agreed with me that they often do not achieve the promises claimed in the adverts.

 I would suggest one tries only those establishments where, if not satisfied, you will get a full refund.  And do not be embarrassed into not getting it.



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21 Jun 2019 16:48 by nicbax Star rating in Fuengirola. 196 posts Send private message

Hi johnzx, many thanks for the info. As a matter of interest I contacted our local town hall and was informed that provided I hold a +65 pensioners card the cost of hearing aids is subsidised. I have replied asking whether there is a maximum percentage of the cost that will be met by the "state". Apparently I must firstly make an appointment with my gp who then refers me to a clinic for hearing tests. As soon as I have further info I shall post in the hope that it may help others.

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21 Jun 2019 17:02 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

Nic.   I have a junta de andalucia sesenta y cinco card which provides discounts similar to that which you have explained  however, the suppliers who provide such discounts I have found are either not the places I would choose to use or the prediscount price was so high that the discounted price was not competitive.

so before you commit yourself I suggest you check all angles 

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21 Jun 2019 17:39 by nicbax Star rating in Fuengirola. 196 posts Send private message

Hi johnzx, most interesting. I am given to understand that the cost of the hearing aid is not discounted; merely that part of the cost thereof is paid by "the state" and the balance by the individual. I shall await with interest  to see what the town hall says.

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21 Jun 2019 17:58 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

Nic.  I think this what you are taking about, of so there is info how system works 


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21 Jun 2019 18:22 by nicbax Star rating in Fuengirola. 196 posts Send private message

Thanks johnzx, nic

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22 Jun 2019 16:40 by johnmcmahon Star rating. 321 posts Send private message

can I crack a joke

I was at a demo demanding more help for the hard of hearing

the chant went like this

"what do we want" ?

"more hearing aids"

"when do we want them "?

"more hearing aids"

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23 Jun 2019 09:25 by Mickyfinn Star rating in Spain and France. 1842 posts Send private message

The Spanish minimum wage in 2019 is now €1050 per calendar month. According to the link John posted to qualify for a Gold Card you must be over 65 years and your income must be less than 75% of the minimum wage ie: €788 per month.

Time is the school in which we learn Time is the fire in which we burn. Delmore Schwartz.

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24 Jun 2019 22:56 by nicbax Star rating in Fuengirola. 196 posts Send private message

Thanks Mickyfinn, well thats me scuppered. You have saved me further research. nic

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