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11 Apr 2019 12:35 by LeahR Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi everyone,

So, I live in the UK and am a British citizen. I lived in the South of Spain 1999 - 2001. I hired a professional to get me my NIE and bar licence as I was confused by the whole system. In 2001, I became a residencia as I bought some property. I left Spain at the end of 2001 and then sold the property in 2002. This was all done in my maiden name and fast forward 18 years later and I am still in the UK, have married and now my Husband and I are wanting to adopt. To get through the process, I have to have a Spanish DBS check for the time that I lived there for.

The issue is I do not have any of this paperwork anymore. My NIE, my Residencia card as it was out of date, the only bank statements I have is for a bank that I understand no longer exists (Banco De Andalucia) as I thought I could call them to ask what it is.

I called the Consulate in London and they said I needed to speak with the Malaga Embassy. I called them and was told that I need to go to the office or police station that issued my NIE. I explained that I live in the UK and she told me to 'Google' the answer on the UK Government website as she couldn't help.

I am guessing the NIE was issued from the local police station to where this company did it for me and where I lived in 1999. I can sort of remember where the office is, but not the name of the company to call them. Does this now mean I need to take what documentation I have (although it's nothing at all apart from an old passport), jump on a flight, do some detective work whilst in Spain for a few days and hope for the best?

If anyone could advise me on the steps to take, I would be so grateful so we can move on in the adoption process otherwise it may never be able to happen. I am of course now kicking myself for not keeping the paperwork, but who would have thought 18 years later, I would have needed it?

Thank you in advance. x

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11 Apr 2019 19:56 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5245 posts Send private message

An NIE lasts forever   Therefore you need to make an application for a renewal, then you will have a ‘copy’ of the original.  If you come to spain that should be done at the National Police station which covers the area where you are staying at that time. 

With your ID details, which you used when your paperwork was issued, the system should be able find that the number 

I just searched on line and it appears Banco De Andalucia is still trading

it might be worth contacting the Spanish Consulate in U.K. for advise.   Applications for NIE’s can be made there so I guess replacements can too 


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12 Apr 2019 12:14 by LeahR Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi johnzx,

I have tried calling the 2 numbers for the Spanish Consulate in London for days but unfortunately no one ever answers. Apparrently they are great with responding to emails, so I am waiting to hear back regarding an appointment to get my NIE renewed. Fingers crossed it won't take too long....

I cannot thank you enough for your help.

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06 Dec 2020 16:52 by niebcn Star rating in Barcelona. 1 posts Send private message

we can help whith your NIE in Barcelona


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