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01 Jul 2018 09:30 by jamjam51 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi evryone.

having lived in a very spanish town in murcia for 15 years my circumstances have changed & I am in uk but when I have sorted some things out  I d like to come back but as i will be alone I d like to go somewhere with a brit community I do speak passable spanish & do like the spanish way of life & food ,i dont like too busy love walking my dog & swimming in the summer i want to make a few friends & get involved in something but I wouldnt want to leave my dog for long periods of time.

Love to hear anyones ideas what sort of place you think would suit me ,the more the merrier 


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01 Jul 2018 10:13 by windtalker Star rating. 1681 posts Send private message

Without any doubt.. Camposol is for you.

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01 Jul 2018 10:14 by windtalker Star rating. 1681 posts Send private message

Without any doubt.. Camposol is for you...don't listen to any one that has never been to ..or does not own a property on Camposol I have owned a 3 bed 3 bathroom detached  villa with a pool for 12 years...I have never heard of a pigeon club /whippet racing or anything else that kavanaugh mention's I think kavanaugh stopped off in Camposol one time for a pie and a pint  on the way back to his part of utopia... What we do have is a golf club with 18 hole course with a fantastic club house /a large community centre / 5 star hotel/ one large supper market/two small supermarkets/banks /post office/bars /restaurants and regular shops but above all we have a great community with 80 different nationalities..Camposol is 6x4 KLM in size and has a permanent residents population of 5000 people so Camposol does not turn into a ghost town in the winter ...this number grows to around 9,000 in the summer months ...the best way forward for you is to come and make your own mind up good luck enjoy Spain...English is widely spoken .










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01 Jul 2018 18:11 by acer Star rating. 1374 posts Send private message

If you've lived in a Spanish town for 15 years you may find the transition to Camposol difficult.

Camposol will appeal to many, but there's quite a few other places to consider.  A little more up market would be Mazarron Country Club, or Hacienda del Alamo which has the best golf course in the area.  Also the latter has a new 4 star Sheraton Hotel opening this month and Covera airport opens in January, so a coming place that may see a rise in property prices.

Prices of properties in Bolnuevo & Isla Plans coastal resorts either side of Puerto de Mazarron remain good and whilst bingo 7 nights a week a week cannot be guaranteed they have strong British communities.

You can fool some of the people all of the time…and those are the ones to focus on. Donald Trump.

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01 Jul 2018 21:59 by Jarvi Star rating in Halifax UK and Sucin.... 743 posts Send private message

Sucina is a very nice village, fairly large expat community and a friendy place

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02 Jul 2018 08:07 by Mickyfinn Star rating in Spain and France. 1837 posts Send private message

Buying a property in the wrong place for your personal needs is the worst choice of all. One man’s meat is another’s poison.

The best advice I always give to people in your situation is rent first and try living there for at least six months. Also try different regions, stay relatively mobile and keep an open mind. If it suits fine, if not move on nothing lost. It will also give you an insight into the local property market and whose advice to trust which is invaluable.

Time is the school in which we learn Time is the fire in which we burn. Delmore Schwartz.

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