Form 210, cadastral value, and calculating taxable base - 2.0% or 1.1% ?

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19 Jul 2017 11:19 AM by Noddy59 Star rating in Near Villamartin, Or.... 6 posts Send private message

Hi all,

In another thread there is a guidance form called 'Instructions for filling in your self-assessment form: Non-Resident Income Tax'. It's very useful, but my problem relates to the section that deals with calculating the taxable base. Specifically, whether to use the 2.0% or the 1.1% multiplier.

The firm that prepares my 210 form says that in my municipal area (Orihuela Costa) cadastral values as a whole have not been re-assessed for more than ten years, and therefore I should pay tax on 2% of the cadastral value.

However, my 2016 IBI receipt (and several previous years' receipts for that matter) shows a cadastral value which increases a little each year, and is now 40-odd percent higher than the original 11-year old value.  Additionally, the calculation of each year's IBI bill has been based each year on the increasing cadastral value.

So my argument is that my 2016 tax should be:

a) based on the IBI 2016 cadastral value x 1.1% x 19%.

   as opposed to

b) based on the IBI 2005 cadastral value x 2.0% x 19%).


As it happens, the firm that I use have prepared forms as follows:

c) based on IBI 2016 cadastral value x 2.0% x 19%.  That's the worst of both worlds and surely can't be right.


Can anyone offer me their opinion or any suggestions?



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19 Jul 2017 11:53 AM by juansheetisplenty Star rating in Cartagena. 278 posts Send private message

juansheetisplenty´s avatar

I queried this increase last year. I also posted on here and got some responses as to why this all changed in 2015.

See link, Regards

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19 Jul 2017 4:40 PM by Noddy59 Star rating in Near Villamartin, Or.... 6 posts Send private message

Thanks Juan (great name by the way).

It still puzzles me how I can be told that my cadastral value has not been re-assessed for over ten years (thus attracting the 2% multiplier) when my annual SUMA/IBI bill shows an increasing 'valor cadastral' each year (and that higher cadastral figure is used to calculate the IBI).


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19 Jul 2017 6:32 PM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5255 posts Send private message

Just to add to the confusion.

In my town the Valor Cadastral has remained exactly the same since it was revalued maybe around 2004,  Certainly for quite a number of years.


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19 Jul 2017 11:11 PM by Noddy59 Star rating in Near Villamartin, Or.... 6 posts Send private message

Seems to me, Johnzx, that a lot of confusion and grief could be avoided if there was a widespread updating of all the cadastral values. Or is that too simple.

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10 Dec 2018 1:15 PM by growler Star rating in Birmingham & Benejúz.... 164 posts Send private message

Noddy59, just wondering did you ever get to resolve this 2% vs 1.1% issue?

I read the other thread that’s referred to higher up but still find myself none the wiser!

Am I right in thinking that perhaps the only people who can confirm for sure when or whether the CV rates have been adjusted are the relevant local town hall?


This message was last edited by growler on 10/12/2018.

Kind Regards..Pat

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11 Dec 2018 11:30 AM by Noddy59 Star rating in Near Villamartin, Or.... 6 posts Send private message

Replying to growler: Sorry, no further forward, although I can't say I've devoted any time to pursuing it.  I just console myself that I'm not underpaying my due tax.

Maybe you're right about the local town hall. In my case not sure if that would be Orihuela Costa or inland Orihuela. Anyone? 

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