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10 Dec 2018 1:15 PM:

Noddy59, just wondering did you ever get to resolve this 2% vs 1.1% issue?

I read the other thread that’s referred to higher up but still find myself none the wiser!

Am I right in thinking that perhaps the only people who can confirm for sure when or whether the CV rates have been adjusted are the relevant local town hall?


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Thread: Form 210, cadastral value, and calculating taxable base - 2.0% or 1.1% ?

24 Oct 2017 6:20 PM:

Martypeeps, sorry for delayed response don't come on here so much lately...

I just put a made up 9 digit spanish number in there (doesn't matter as phone numbers not needed for anything).

Thread: Linking Paypal to spanish bank account - anyone done this?

06 Nov 2016 4:40 PM:

Thanks for those links John, very useful,

Does anyone know what the process is for someone who's never completed a 210 form and are a few years down the line? (about 8 years I think). I'm sure they would be adding penalties the longer each years debt is outstanding but is there any other stuff to worry about e.g. heavy fines, death penalty etc?

I should add it's not for me but a relative of mine... plus I can think of at least half a dozen others who've never paid anything!

Thanks in anticipation.

Thread: Form 210 in English, and with instrutions

09 Dec 2015 1:56 AM:

johnzx said: "You will need medical cover, which is 100% for every possible condition. I have seen people with part payment plans being refused."

John, would I be right in thinking this might be only for those registered as permanent residents? I'm wondering how medical cover requirements might differ between say a holidaymaker carrying an EHIC card, versus someone living there for less than 6 months per year, versus full resident?



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07 Dec 2015 4:48 AM:

Chaircolt said... "The price may be cheap in some instances but the cost will be far greater if anything goes wrong and you forfeit the retained amount on your credit card."

This is precisely what the insurance is for. If the hirer chooses to buy a policy from a different source then one function of such a policy is to redeem any amount charged to a credit card (e.g. in the case of accidental damage etc).

It makes perfect sense therefore to have such a policy.

It doesn't make sense to pay more for a policy than you need to. Exactly the same principle applies as if you were buying a basic life insurance policy.

Thread: car hire in alicante airport


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