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22 May 2017 10:54 AM by coedcoch Star rating in north wales(for now). 16 posts Send private message

this may have been dealt with previously,but can anyone point me in the right direction,i want to register my car here in Gandesa,who do i need to speak to,where do i go? any info please

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22 May 2017 11:57 AM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5240 posts Send private message

It is probably easier if you search the forum for 'register a car in Spain',  That brings up several threads on EOS and a lot of varied info.  Then if you have a specific question ask that and I am sure someone will be able help


Good luck

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26 May 2017 4:07 PM by cari Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I presume this is a  uk vehicle.

You will need an engineers report then go for  itv afterwards you can go to Tarragona and get the correct paperwork.

I think you will also need the padron. Are you living here now ?

You can call Xavi on 661026399 he is an engineer with perfect english. He is in the Tortosa area.

Good luck

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26 May 2017 4:54 PM by Sten46 Star rating in Hatton, Derbyshire &.... 243 posts Send private message

As above, I presume that this is/will be a UK vehicle.

First job - change the headlights and rear fog/reversing lights. LHD Headlights are available on t'internet for a considerable sum, or go to your local autodesuaces (breakers yard) - 40/50 euros per pair. You may be lucky and have a car with a pair of fog/rev lights (eg. most Citroens, Renaults etc) in which case you will be ok, otherwise breaker's yard again.

Next - perito's (engineers) report, or Ficha Technica Reducidia to give it it's correct name. This can vary from 80 to 175 euros - I found an engineer on t'internet who did it on-line in 24hrs for 80euros, including an electronic copy to the Itv station to confirm authenticity.

Book an Itv (M-o-T) at your local station - make sure you tell them you need a test for matriculacion as this is more stringent and more expensive than a normal test.

Go to the Town Hall - or in this area, the Suma office, and pay the Spanish equivalent of the road tax - varies with emission levels and engine size.

Then on to the local office of the the Agencia Tributaria and pay the Impuesto de Matriculacion.

Finally, you go to Traffico!!! Take all of the above paperwork, old V5 in the UK number, insurance certificate (Spanish), passport, padron, inside leg measurement and anything else you think you may need. This used to be a long and complicated rigmarole, taking two days. Now (here, at least) you make an appointment on t'internet, turn up at the given time and all is done within half an hour. Them, clutching a fistful of MORE paperwork, go to a local accessory shop and get your new plates - dead easy and great fun if you can laugh at the Spanish love of paper!

I have just done a Ford Focus 1.8 diesel 2007 and all of the above cost me just under 400euros. Bear in mind if you employ a professional agent to do it for you they will charge you from 500 to 800e, PLUS all the above fees.

Good luck and don't be afraid.




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26 May 2017 5:16 PM by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1754 posts Send private message

Why not sell your uk car and buy a spanish car

Many expat dealers will do a part ex if the car is in spain

Unless tha car has sentimental value or a real classic why bother


“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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01 Jun 2017 2:30 PM by dbd Star rating. 63 posts Send private message

Hi I have just registered my car in Spain. Took a while.......approx. four months. YOU NEED TO EITHER SPEAK SPANISH OR HAVE SOMEONE THAT SPEAKS PANISH. There is a lot to do. 

My car is seventeen years old. Citroen Picasso (So there was no import duty to pay)

First things are

1/ First thing I had to do was find what is called an "industrial perrito" to basically do the necessary documentation for the spanish MOT.

2/ Once you eventually get the car through the mot you then have to go to the tax office for something and then the traffic office for something else. (MOT centre will tell you what you have to get)

3/ Then be prepared for a number of trips to the traffic office in your largest town.

4/ Modelo 570

and take it from there.

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01 Jun 2017 3:49 PM by RossKemp Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Well done, I will try the same.

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01 Jun 2017 4:21 PM by dbd Star rating. 63 posts Send private message

total cost approx. 1500 pounds. cheaper than buying a new car but cant stress enough could not have done without my wife who is spanish and was able to do all talking. live in jaen

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01 Jun 2017 5:26 PM by coedcoch Star rating in north wales(for now). 16 posts Send private message

Many thanks for all the advice,yes we are now officially living here,all paperwork in order,except for the car!!will  get my head around this asap ,my car is a mondeo 2lt estate,only reason to keep it is that the mileage is only 89000ish,so i expect to get a few more miles out of it,so far we are enjoying ourselves,meeting the locals and trying to speak a little catalan(i usually speak welsh to them just for a laugh)  thanks again

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