Almunecar, Granada Dirty Beaches and Abandonment from City Hall

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16 May 2017 16:31 by Curumbico Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Almunecar, Granada is a gem of a city on the Southern Mediterranean Coast. It's part of the Costa Tropical, home to many foreigners and Spaniards living collectively together.  My family purchased a home in the 1970's in Panorma de Curumbico in Almunecar, Granada (2nd to last beach within city limits on the East side of the City).  Unfortunately, if you buy property in the city but not in the city center, City Hall forgets about you!  The Neighbors of Curumbico have been trying to get BASIC 1st WORLD city services (ALL PAYING TAXES FOR) since 2005 like asphalting roads  (re-asphalted with huge craters...ambulances won't go down the road to pick up anyone), No City Water, No City Electricity, No Proper Trash Pick-up.  In addition, the beach of Curumbico receives thousands of tourists each week and they have turned it into a Human Toilet.  NO PROPER RESTROOMS ON BEACHES IN ALMUNECAR forcing tourists to get creative with nautre and local beachside restaurants with blown-out bathrooms because they can't possibly keep them up. Literally a Total Shit Show!  Curumbico is hurting because No One at City Hall in Almunecar wants to take charge of this issue. Urbanizacion Panorama de Curumbico has spoken for 12 going on to 13 years to the City and have gotten NO WHERE and a TON of excuses...they have changed governments....they have responsible parties on sick leave....they are short staffed with a hiring freeze....the person that is determining your case no longer works here...... TOTAL ABANDONMENT AND EXCUSES!  You can ignore all you want, but the moment that there is an incident that an ambulance needs to be deployed and they can't help someone because they can't get to them.....well.....That would be JUST TERRIBLE! 

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16 May 2017 19:07 by windtalker Star rating. 1731 posts Send private message

We can take it as you don't like the place.

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16 May 2017 20:17 by BREXIT Star rating. 41 posts Send private message

An informative post. So Almunecar not quite meeting your desired standards. What is the purpose of posting it here?.

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16 May 2017 22:22 by baz1946 Star rating. 2216 posts Send private message

Very good post Curumbico, its plain to see it's not your cup of tea but it does give an insight into whats going on around  and could stop someone buying a house without checking the area out before hand, after all someone will certainly tell another story about the place which no doubt will be good.

Your post in the least should make some sit up and wonder, as I say before they buy.

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17 May 2017 08:06 by GarySFBCN Star rating. 28 posts Send private message

Why would you buy anything there if there were no services?  I wonder if the home prices reflect the lack of services when you bought?  Seriously, it's like moving next to an airport and complaining that there is noise. 

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17 May 2017 13:33 by BREXIT Star rating. 41 posts Send private message

Why do you tolerate it?. Why not sell up and move on?.

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17 May 2017 13:35 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message

Is this a wind up, a rant or just a strange post from a new member?

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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