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08 May 2017 9:10 PM by leema Star rating in Washington Tyne & We.... 655 posts Send private message

we have been told at our AGM today that when our complex was built it was built in three phases, they were all registered separate, because of this if only one person wants it split into three sections now we all have to agree, this means  three presidents, three AGM's, three of everything, just lights and roads costs to be shared. Is this the Spanish law? We can't even  vote , it has to go throu because of one guy wanting it.

lawyers have to be called in to do it.


can anyone confirm if this is correct procedure?


Maureen & Dennis

Coto Real

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09 May 2017 8:45 AM by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message


It wil depend upon your constitution rules.

However to make change you will probably require unanimity (normally of all voters in attendance at the meeting) which in effect means if 1 person obejcts then the change cannot happen

It can be very frustarting "democratic system"

If 1 person wants to make the change then I doubt this can happen but 1 person objecting to a change it can happen

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09 May 2017 2:24 PM by nitram Star rating in castalla. 178 posts Send private message

We are a little bit similar to you but in another way better off. We are a urb (900 propertys), consisting of 21 different communitys (1 community built by another promoter was never set up as a community) so 20 communitys, yes 20 presidents possibale 20 administrators. Nightmare you may think, . Where we are different is that roads, pavements, street lights , green area´s are all owned by the town hall, gtret here no street cleaning no road repairs, paying for lighting. Hence community fees only 20 euros a year.


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09 May 2017 10:27 PM by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4545 posts Send private message

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"our complex....was built in three phases, they were all registered separate"

If you mean that three seperate communities were registered, then it's probably been running illegally so far if there haven't been three seperate presidents - so probably yes, one owner objecting could perhaps force the community as it operates currently to split into three sub-communites. 



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

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