can't use the UK work van please advise...

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14 Oct 2016 3:23 PM by Tiggytiger Star rating in Los Boliches / Torro.... 47 posts Send private message

A friend has moved to Spain and driven his Vauxhall Vivaro Van as he planned to use it for his business whilst he looked to buy a Spainish one.   Sadly his van has now been grounded as the Guardia say he is a resident although he has not got any certificate for residence, they said he must transfer the plates on the van to be able to use it, but then today they have said he isn't allowed to transfer the plates and the van must not be driven...   He is very confused as he doesn't believe he is a resident, he doesn't know why he is no longer allowed to transfer the plates and he is unable to work now and therefore really struggling financially.

Can anyone at all offer any help or advice on this for me ??

Thanks Tiggy 


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14 Oct 2016 4:04 PM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5240 posts Send private message

A friend has moved to Spain

Please excuse me for not prefacing this with something like ‘Perhaps, or maybe, or may I just say …. ‘     but I am just quoting a fact.


If one moves to Spain as opposed to visiting then they are resident immediately and must register on the EU Citizens Register. 

The three months permanently, 183 days etc. do not apply in that case.

NB     This is just a guess.  I have not tried to research it.  Maybe he could sell the vehicle to a visiting Brit who could then take possession and drive it back to UK


I hope this post helps.




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14 Oct 2016 4:17 PM by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1754 posts Send private message

If your friend was planning to buy a spanish van why not do it now many expat car / van sales will do a part ex for the UK van

I did see recently (Aug or sept)  in the local spanish press (sorry but can't remember which one) but it said that there is going to be a campaign to clampdown on foreign plated vehicles in the Valencian region


“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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14 Oct 2016 4:19 PM by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4556 posts Send private message

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"A friend has moved to Spain and driven his.....van as he planned to use it for his business"

Should have done his research before moving. As John says, he is now resident in Spain, so cannot drive a UK registered vehicle here. He cannot re-register it if it's a RHD panel van, because of the impaired visibility. If I had a number for Dodgy Tony down the pub I'd pass it on and he'd probably buy it - he's used to having RHD vehicles confiscated by the Guardia. Unfortunately, Tony's gone to ground recently and is incomunicado - something to do with unpaid rent for 18 months and an iffy reform on an apartment....

Live & learn.



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain




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14 Oct 2016 5:44 PM by gazzerb Star rating in Malaga/Winchester. 34 posts Send private message

RHD "Commercial" vehicles are not permitted to be registered in Spain. Whether they have windows are not. To determine whether it was a commercial vehicle or not, the DGT/ITV authority use the EU homologation code for the vehicle as stamped by the vehicle manufacturer on the V.I.N. plate. 

In some cases it has been very dificult to register "dual use" vehicles such as a Land Rover Defender. If has a pick up bed forget it!

I know not why Spain does not allow importation but to me it seems a bit "protectionist"!!  After all there are many RHD commersials in other EU countries.


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14 Oct 2016 6:18 PM by Tiggytiger Star rating in Los Boliches / Torro.... 47 posts Send private message

Thanks guys I have to agree and say he didn't perhaps do as much research as he should as his 2 brothers live in Spain  different areas and advised him it would seem incorrectly.   He was under the impression he had a certain amount of time before he needed to be classed as a resident and thought he needed a Residenthia (please pardon my spelling) certificate which he is yet to apply for.   

I am merely trying to help him out with info/advice from you guys already living in Spain so am not fully aware of the rules and regs.   Sorry to ask a silly question (forgive me I'm a lady) but what is a RHD vehicle??

i will suggest he looks at selling or part ex'in the UK van asap.

Thanks again for your responses  Tiggy 

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14 Oct 2016 7:00 PM by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1181 posts Send private message

RHD = Right Hand Drive (the side the steering wheel is on. And if you "intend" to move to Spain for more than 3 months then you are a. register on the foreigners list and b. register your vehicle within 30 days. He wouldn't have been able to carry on any business without declaring self employed (autonomo) and you can't do that if you're not resident.


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14 Oct 2016 7:42 PM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5240 posts Send private message

(  Please excuse me for not prefacing this with something like ‘Perhaps, or maybe, or may I just say …. ‘     but I am quoting a fact.  )


 Just to clarify, not criticize, EU citizens register on the EU Citizens Register and get a green certificate.  It is not a legal ID.  

Non EU citizens must make a formal application for Residencia and they get a plasticise card which a legal ID.


People who do not know the correct procedure,  and maybe  post here or pass on by other means, incorrect information , may be responsible for others getting it wrong and then having problems.

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14 Oct 2016 8:53 PM by Tiggytiger Star rating in Los Boliches / Torro.... 47 posts Send private message

Again thanks for your responses just to clarify I am merely asking to try and help a friend out I can guarantee I am wrapped up warm in the UK and therefore not doing anything illegal in Spain.

My friend has been ill advised and is trying to sort it out he has a solicitor and has an NIE number and has autonomo which I believe he pays €70 a month for but I could have that figure wrong, he was told he wouldn't be classed as a resident without a certificate of Residencia so he is also now sorting that out. 

He is simply trying to make a better life for himself and his son, but was not given the best advise about his RHD van which thanks to the advice below he will now try and sell on or part ex so that he can get his business plans sorted following all the right rules and regs... 

Please don't assume that because someone granted didn't research as much as they should have and put too much faith in the advice of family, that they are purposely trying to do anything illegally.  He is doing his best in the 7 weeks he has been in Spain!!! 

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