Anybody bought one of these or looked at them ?

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15 Sep 2014 20:47 by birdman Star rating. 32 posts Send private message

16 Sep 2014 12:47 by acer Star rating. 1415 posts Send private message

Hi Birdman,

I've not looked at them but I know the area pretty well.  As you may have noticed there are a few anomolies in the agents bleeb - it says 150m from the beach, but then says it's a 10 minute walk.  They say "Close to the airport" but it's a good hour to San Javier from there.  "Close to theme park" what theme park?  Do they mean Paramount?!

The building is behind what will be a large development which will kind of extend Mazarron (puerto) coastal area along the bay towards Isla Plana.  The plans look impressive and Mazarron is renowned for having minimal high rise development - usually ground + 3/4 max, so the building work you will have in front may not be an issue.  But in the short term the location is a bit isolated without much in the way of amenities, but it is a good area and in the long term it may prove an excellent location.  So perhaps it depends on your needs.

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16 Sep 2014 13:03 by juansheetisplenty Star rating in Cartagena. 278 posts Send private message

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I know the area well too as we have  a place in Isla Plana. These are built by Mazalia I think. It is part of a mixed development of town houses, and front line luxury villas (custom built). The town council (Mazarron) have done a lot to spruce the area up and promote the town. The beaches are great. Airport is 45 minutes as Acer points out (San Javier). The town (Pueto Mazarron) has a very nice promenade and lots of restaurants. It is possible to walk into town from here.

At the nearby roundabout there are a few bars/restaurants, and the service station on the other roundabout does food, bread etc. I would question the theme park too, but all agents are saying it. When we started there was going to be a golf club nearby. So best to buy on the basis of what's there now.

I would recommend you look around. There are lot's to look at if you like the area. But do follow the advice given on this forum about LFO's, using independent legal advice etc.

I know of the agent, since we bought through a related company six years ago.

Hope this helps


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16 Sep 2014 15:43 by birdman Star rating. 32 posts Send private message

Thanks guys for the info, i can only find the one agent selling them,which is not ideal i would like a few agents so i could if there could be any movement on price etc . THANKS AGAIN

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16 Sep 2014 15:49 by windtalker Star rating. 1735 posts Send private message

Blue med are acting for the banks reguarding for these properties, sounds alot of money for a to bed flat up on Camposol just 15 mins from isla plana you can buy a 2 bed villa from blue med for 55,000eu or a 3 bed 3 bathroom villa with a swiming pool for around 100,000eu so have a look around before you buy isla plana mite be near a beach but their is no night life and very few shops good luck.




This message was last edited by windtalker on 16/09/2014.

This message was last edited by windtalker on 16/09/2014.

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16 Sep 2014 16:04 by juansheetisplenty Star rating in Cartagena. 278 posts Send private message

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It is not in Isla Plana, but El Alamillo, Puerto Mazarron.

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16 Sep 2014 16:08 by juansheetisplenty Star rating in Cartagena. 278 posts Send private message

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Birdman, could this be the same block? If so I have found you another agent.

Also look here for other properties in the area.



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16 Sep 2014 19:21 by birdman Star rating. 32 posts Send private message

Cheers Juan looks like you have got the the same properties. Thanks

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17 Sep 2014 15:26 by Woodbug Star rating. 371 posts Send private message

Be very wary! 110% funding? Most banks are reluctant to consider more than 60% LTV on non-resident purchases. Clearly these Agents are a little economic with the truth, so tread carefully and YOU make 110% sure that all the documents and permissions are in place............ Don't rush into anything and make your offers to them all, there will not be queues waiting for allocations here, so its your call. Check that a mortgage with a certian bank is not compulsory as this is a way for them to get rid of a property and a debt.

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