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16 Apr 2017 11:26 AM:

Am I reading this correctly? You have to have planning permission to install a couple of solar panels and you can be fined for using the power they generate if you don't have planning and any power generated is taxable? I'm sure the last two posters know the rules - but it just sounds so crazy. Is this the case?


Thread: Electricity costs

08 Apr 2017 11:09 AM:

You are not wrong there Windy - the cost of living in Spain is quite a lot higher than in UK now in many respects. I have been considering returning to UK for business reasons after many years in Spain and on a recent excursion to look at property, I took notice of UK prices generally (for the first time) and was genuinely surprised at the choices and competitive prices of most commodities - especially food and cars. However the main thing that struck me was the ease and speed of dealing with govenment departments and having immediate access to business facilties such as internet comparison sites and on-line suppliers. Being able to get everything I want during the day in UK - knowing the suppliers will be open is also a plus for me. Please don't get me wrong I am not denigrating Spain - it's just a huge cultural gap between the two countries that prevents Spain wanting to update it's systems and its way of conducting business -the facilities are here but just not used. I love Spain but it is struggling financially and I believe it will get worse. Will I return to UK? I don't know...........

Thread: Electricity costs

14 Jan 2017 12:06 PM:

Odd how all these "Asylum Seekers" or whatever it is PC to call them, all manage to loose their passports and ID cards, but not their expensive mobile phones.


Thread: BREXIT

26 Nov 2016 10:09 AM:

Sunday closing and siesta time is archaic and hopefully by allowing freedom of choice, Spain will drag itself into the 21st century. Who knows – we may be able to deal with government matters on line soon instead of taking a day or more tramping round different offices collecting a series of rubber stamps to obtain a simple document.

Thread: Sunday Opening

29 Oct 2016 3:54 PM:

No Floella - There are two of us that aren't REA.

Thread: Upturn in Spanish property sales?


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