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16 Nov 2013 14:38 by pantich77 Star rating in Benidorm, Spain. 12 posts Send private message

I plan to book a flight to Spain, Majorca in a  few weeks but i am wanting the cheapest flight i can possibly get, who is the cheapest i could go with?

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16 Nov 2013 14:42 by lorraine56 Star rating in Granada Spain. 48 posts Send private message

Try looking on a comparison site such as skyscanner or expedia.


Life is an adventure so live it.

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16 Nov 2013 14:44 by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1413 posts Send private message

Don't  just assume that Ryanair is-try Jet 2, Monarch as well, often have discounts.Also depends on where you're going from. Jet xtra goes to /from Humberside and sounds reasonable. there are sites which offer to find you cheapest fares, buti find it better to look yourself.

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16 Nov 2013 14:46 by pantich77 Star rating in Benidorm, Spain. 12 posts Send private message

I think ill try Expedia since i have heard about them a lot more.

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16 Nov 2013 14:48 by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1413 posts Send private message

In my experience these sites don't come up with the cheapest fares!

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16 Nov 2013 15:45 by Lifeline Star rating in Murcia. 367 posts Send private message

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Cheapest often is time of day, early booking when flights are first announced and not bank/peak/schol holidays. Some airlines are helpful in that they give monthly views or cheapest deals. 




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16 Nov 2013 18:30 by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1549 posts Send private message

hugh_man´s avatar always compares all prices on same route. suggest that on average flights booked at least 49 days in advance prove to e cheaper.

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22 Dec 2013 19:30 by Susanspain Star rating in Mijas, Malaga. 145 posts Send private message

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If you are flying Malaga to Gatwick next summer.. I have just found that the prices end of July, and again from mid-August to mid - Septmber are high (Average Eu200 one way.) Even if you book now! (We use EasyJet.) 

HOWEVER.. the first two weeks in August have some good prices (Eu110 for a return at reasonable times - i.e not past 6pm)... 

Have just booked as know I want to be there at that time.

NB Easyjet is only allowing bookings up to 25/10/14 at this time (so we cannot book OH's work trip for Oct until later.) 

Have tried sky scanner etc - and still find Easy is best for us. (Cannot face Ryan Air!) 

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23 Dec 2013 08:23 by casperruby Star rating. 165 posts Send private message

Just booked for a return jan Bristol malaga £38.50 used Skyscanner ryan air came up with ej a close second. I know like the previous person a lot of people dont like ryan air but I find them fine if you abide by there rules which is fair enough really it means I can travel every month for less than the petrol costs to get to the airport.

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26 Dec 2013 13:50 by Grittomum Star rating in Norfolk. 6 posts Send private message

I've recently found that Norwegian Airlines have been doing some cheap flights from Gatwick. I have to go school holidays and have still managed to get round about £100 return . Use skyscanner to check flights. Norwegian also give loyalty points for bookings , haven't worked out how much you get off!


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26 Dec 2013 22:16 by nigela Star rating. 416 posts Send private message

If you are going from bristol its worth checking vueling from Cardiff. We normally fly from Bristol via easyjet but i checked the prices for August next year and return flights for 4 of us in August was £500 substantially less than flying easyjet from Bristol! This was back in september but when easyjets flights came out they were around £850 for the same dates.

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27 Dec 2013 09:43 by casperruby Star rating. 165 posts Send private message

Hi just checked Vueling from cardiff .... what a load of rubbish! They have nothing like the service of ej or ryan and they only fly on limited days and in season some of their flights go via Barcelona so take forever. If they really want to compete they must get there act together, BUT this will be difficult as the airport is now run by the WELSH ASSEMBLY GOVERNMENT who quite frankly couldn't run a bath, you only have to look at the welsh NHS to show this. Cardiff have lost all the good everyday flights and is even more of a provincial airport unfortunately. Us living in wales are now forced to go to england to fly at reasonable prices because wales cannot supply. OH and lots of you complain about how corrupt and bad the spanish government is try living in Wales a most beautiful country run by a bunch of clowns in cardiff.

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27 Dec 2013 21:59 by nigela Star rating. 416 posts Send private message

When i booked in September the flights went every other day and they were all direct and early afternoon flights - no silly flight times that i had with easy jet from Bristol - last year i got up at 2.00 in the morning to get to the airport on time. I have not flown with vueling before always going with either easyjet or occasionally ryanair but for a saving of over £350 and far better flight times i am prepared to travel the extra distance to Wales. Personally I try and book my flights ad esrly as possible as that is when they are normally the cheapest and I check the different airlines from airports near to me ie flybe eadyjet ryanair and from this year vueling. I then take into account the costs and the convenience ie times and distance from the airport and then book the flights. This yesr it was a no brainer and I am flying from Cardiff. I would recommend anyone does the same and not just ignore vueling because some of their flights are only every other day.

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