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14 Mar 2018 5:29 PM:

As previous poster said, as long as any 'barriers' (inc sandbags, anything you fix to the floor) are your side of the dividing line I don't think they have a leg to stand on so to speak! I understood that parking places that come with an apartment are part of the property, and sometimes can even be sold seperately as they have their own papers. Good luck and don't let these people bully you :) 

Thread: Community powers

14 Mar 2018 11:43 AM:

Tell them to get stuffed. It is on private property (even if a 'shared community space overall) your space is yours. I would apply to the committy to get some posts put between your neighbours and your space if she cannot park properly. I think if you had witnesses and proof she has damaged your car you can make a denuncia against her. I have been told it is always best to try and resolve disputes pesonally in the first instance, but if she is in denial (and the president et al?) are supporting her it is hard for you. But why should you pay for damage she causes!

NB Your car insurance should come with free legal advice? (Ours does.) Give them a call and see what they suggest? (They might even support a claim against her if you go to the police and denounce if you catch her in the act.) 

Sorry to hear of this. But sadly human nature is s***

The only other 'suggestion' if she is in denial, is to get the committee to agree to give you FREE USE of another space nearby. But that is not really dealing with it head on is it?
Are there any community rules regarding the committee and they have a 'responsibility to all the members in shared areas?' A good lawyer can sometimes sort this out. But sad you have to be thinking of this...

Thread: Community powers

14 Mar 2018 10:47 AM:


10 Jul 2017 20:00 by amogles Star rating in El Campello (holiday.... 164 posts Send private message


I'm surprised that banks should have it so easy to evict people who have temporarily fallen into arrears with their mortgage payments, but wholly illegal occupupation by squatters is so much more difficult to prevent.   "   


Amogles, I am sad to say that the Spanish (banks) don't treat their own very well at all. When the crisis hit back in 

2009? The banks started demanding evictions on anyone who was a few months in arrers. These poor people had no jobs (due to c**p way the govt run the country/high unemployment rates - which still exists today) and people were literally throwing themselves out of their apartment windows as they were about to be thrown on the street and had nohwere to go. It got so bad the govt did step in in the end and got the banks to agree slower/lower re-payments for these poor people. 





22 Feb 2018 12:45 PM:

Will bear this in mind Kavanagh.  We have an excellent gestor who will advise us if it is a 'no go.' I.e Don't touch with a bargepole. We are looking for any personal experiences where this has worked. 

NB We bought our current property 'on a punt' as it was such a bargin. It had been sold on twice Compraventa only since 1975 and escritura was not in sellers name. The judge didn't like it, but we were lucky enough to have such a good gestor she stuck with it and 4 years later the land registry put it in our name. (But we were always prepared that it 'might not happen!' but that we would have a cheap roof over our head. We only paid as much as we had paid in five years renting at silly prices!) 

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Thread: Embargo/Sale of uninhabited property if owner owes high Community Fees...

22 Feb 2018 11:31 AM:

HI, hoping someone is in the know!

I have 'heard on the grapevine' recently regarding buying an empty property... (hopefully at a reduced price becuase of the 'issues!)

'If a property owner owes a large amount of community fees, the community are legally able to embargo the 

property and SELL IT at auction. I.e to any member of the public that so wishes to buy it (from the new owners - the community.) ' 

I have heard of this where a Town Hall embargo a property and sell it at (public?) auction when they need to recoup unpaid IBI etc. 

Any tips or advice on this matter welcome. 

(Also.. does anyone know for sure that the property has to be put on the 'open market' and listed for 'public auction' for the month that I was told about. I have been advised that in this case there are professional investors whose job it is daily to look at the Boletins/public auction sites and it is unlikely that I would be able to achieve my aim of buying a cheap property as they have 'inside knowledge?' or the cash to just keep going higher.) 

There was a rule of thumb apparently that if the debt owed (to the community) was 40% at least of the past 10 years bills owed, then this is when the comminity could invoke the embargo and sell without the owners permission to recoup fees owed. 

Thanks for any input! 


(PS I am avoiding bidding on any properties that have illegal tenants in as I understand if they are paying the elec etc then it is considered their home by law and any owner present and future cannot get them out!!!) 


NB We are just looking for a good priced property for ourselves. We are not investors/dealers. 


BTW very useful reply here from your team on a similar matter!



Thread: Embargo/Sale of uninhabited property if owner owes high Community Fees...


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