Electronic Cigarettes Airline Sales.. should it be allowed ?

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10 Sep 2013 22:38 by aliton Star rating. 331 posts Send private message

Having travelled to Spain recently on Ryanair  ( and Dublin ) I was taken back when the crew were promoting the sale and promoting USE ON THE FLIGHT of Electronic Cigarettes . You can smoke them on the plane... they advised. Then air steward walks down the isle holding up some packets . How can it be right to promote these products for smoking on the flight ? Do we really fully know the contents of such products and  if they would affect others or the passenger in the next seat.

I ask this question as a casual smoker and certainly not anti smoker , The whole situation just seems odd to me ?

What do you think ?


  Fomer member revisiting r.




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10 Sep 2013 22:50 by mark t Star rating in Normanton West Yorks.... 63 posts Send private message

Flew from back from Murcia with Ryanair last night, electronic cigs are banned , unless of course you buy them on board. Not anti Ryanair use them at least 5 times a year, but does seem strange you can't smoke your own e-cig but can smoke the ones they will sell you.

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10 Sep 2013 22:58 by mac75 Star rating in Valencia. 409 posts Send private message

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I think it is harmless. It is just vapour so its not smoking but vapouring as they call it. As I understand there are no chemical in the liquid so why not? However I wouldn't allow them to be used on planes or enclosed places, I think it could get annoying for those around who don't use it.


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10 Sep 2013 23:01 by aliton Star rating. 331 posts Send private message

Thats unbelievable Mark T... Next they will ban eating your own sarnies.....by the way Not a post against Ryanair ( we love them !!.) Whats the proceedure/regulations on other airlines

Its just a stange rule in flight considering the fact that if you light up a REAL cig you would be arrested on landing,

also....Do we know the effect of these E fags on others surrounding the smoker ?


  Fomer member revisiting r.




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