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03 Aug 2021 6:26 PM:

I can't I'm afraid it was written in an email from one of the SEPE offices. I questioned it and she came back confirming it.


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Thread: TIE deadline for British Residents?

03 Aug 2021 3:15 PM:

"There is no such document as a permanent NIE green certificate" 

Well, we all know what we are talking about, el "Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union de carácter permanente" 

which certifies that the holder is a permanent resident in Spain. This same document has the same validity as the Permiso de Residencia when it comes to proving your residency status and your rights under the Withdrawl Agreement, so it is more than just a piece of paper. 

It seems that certain administrations have already established a limit for the "green certificate". SEPE has confirmed in writing that if the TIE is not presented before the end of the year anyone receiving benefits of any kind will be withdrawn from the payment scheme. 


Thread: TIE deadline for British Residents?

03 Aug 2021 10:35 AM:

Hi, can anyone confirm that there is now a deadline to get the TIE for any British resident even with a permanent NIE green certificate. All I can find is that there is no deadline yet but I was informed by SEPE that there is a deadline in place: 31/12/2021

I was arranging paperwork for a British friend and they insisted that no one would be able to operate with the administration after that date without a TIE.

Not that it's a major problem, but I wasn't aware there was now a deadline or is the administration once again misinformed?


Thread: TIE deadline for British Residents?

12 May 2021 12:10 PM:

Unless they start fining everyone I can't see this making much of a difference. No one ever drove within the speed limit when it was at 50! If you were to really drive at 30 you would cause a huge traffic jam in a large urban area like Madrid or Valencia. I honestly don't think this will help at all. 

Thread: New speed limits in force 11/05/2021

14 Jan 2021 6:14 PM:

milanuncios.com is a good place to start, you don't need to speak Spanish. A simple add translated through Google Translator is sufficient. Explain you speak English and not much Spanish.  Toy Poodle is Caniche Toy in Spanish.

I have one and they are great dogs but the allergy claim is not true, contrary to what many believe. I know from first-hand experience. Anyway they are dogs in high demand so it shouldn't be difficult to sell them. Good Luck!

Thread: toy poodle puppies


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