EUROPA Network ADSL - bad experience.

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14 Jun 2013 15:29 by spainnewmigrant Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Europa Network review:

Europa never seems to do anything unless it makes them money. In terms of customer support or ethical business practice, well in my experince they have a lot to learn.

Europa is disastrous. They could not provide what they promised (8MB, or even 6MB, or even 3MB) and have left me with an installation fee from telefonica (€79, they said it would be free), a 6 month contract with telefonica (€15/month when they said I could cancel with no charges at all if I wasn't happy with the service they could provide, and I'm not), a disconnection fee with telefoncia to cancel the line that Europa were not able to get any decent speed of internet on (an additional €80), plus so far no refund for the equipment i sent back (€56).** EDITED - Against forum rules ** Their sales line rings through immediately, but their customer support line is NEVER answered. Jazztel has now got me started with 4MB (why could they do it when Europa could not?) and I am pressing for full refunds from Europa. 

If you have had a disaster from Europa, let's group together and get our money back!!

If you want further proof of other's experience, have a look at Trustpilot reviews on Europa-network.  






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18 Sep 2013 18:53 by baabaabing Star rating. 60 posts Send private message

Absolutely right. They are all smiles and teeth on the sales side but when it comes to customer service,they don't have one.
Try calling them here's the number +34 965 796 736 you'll be given to choices press 1 they answer immediately as its sales, press 2 for customer service it will ring and then drop. You have to ring sales, they can't help as they don't have the software haha and they'll get someone to call you back, they'll call but won't help, it's called stone walling. I wish they were governed by OFCOM.
My story starts back in April when I contacted Europa-network , I spoke to a very personable Lisa who promised that it was great service and so I paid all the necessaries and she informed me that Telefonica would need to connect the line and once that had taken place they would be able to transfer the line over to themselves.ok np, I'm over in Spain the first 2 weeks in June perhaps they can connect me then? Ye no problems, once connected give us a call, ok what about the router? That takes 2 days to arrive ok I'll order it the day before I leave as I don't want to be waiting around for a router during my holidays do I? No it's DHL oh that's ok then, thinking it was the DHL that takes F1 cars around the world. I waited and waited and waited 4 days go by countless calls to these buffoons who assured me to stay put its on the way. I even saw the DHL van so I ran outside waving my arms like a man possessed only for the DHL man to look me in the eyes and drive off.
1 whole week later It was suggested by the great team leader manager Joe that I bought my own router and send them the invoice for it and they would reimburse me, 2 trips to El Corte inglais 40 mile round trip I returned with my router only to be told the router I had purchased was not covered by customer support, that's how dim they are, luckily for me I specialize in ITC so all I needed was the numbers and I could hook it up myself which I did. Oh we are so sorry Lisa will ring you in the next day and compensate you. Still waiting for that one, Joe who I sent the receipt to? No response, I've lost count now the number of times I've called them she's on holiday well access her emails and sort you out, 2 weeks go by should be back by now? Michelle calls me and informs me that the invoice I sent her was a bill, I said no I sent you a receipt which you need to honour as I paid for the router myself under the advice of Joe and I need to be reimbursed, she said, we will offer you €5, I paid €56 for the router why only a fiver?, you didn't buy the router we sent it out, What! Are you thick? ll speak to Joe at some point. BTW the router? I saw the man from DHL driving through the car park at macadona ran after him showed him my passport and he gave me the router, which incidentally was crappy cheap one. Bare in mind I'm home now after staying 5 weeks in Spain with a 2 week break in between, to cut a long story, believe me when I say I can't write about the inconvenience and pain and frustration that My whole family have undergone, remember we couldn't leave our place in case the DHL guy turned up, nightmare.
I phoned yesterday and was told by Dawn ( the only one with a brain or so I thought) she would sort it all out for me as the person who could deal with coughing up for my router had an emergency and just nipped out. She phoned me back this morning to inform me that I hadn't returned their router and now the time has elapsed and its to late so I can't talk any further about it ill send you the email for complaints dept., I tell you I nearly threw up with shock, remember the thick girl? She had written everything down verbatim even the fact I called her thick but added a little note saying I refused the offer of €5 and that she had told me about sending back the router which she didn't,she simply lied, they all lie to cover there own butts. I'll keep you all posted how this unfolds after my letter of complaint but today I'm canceling thank god my line rental is with Telefonica as they do up to 10 mb for the same price and as there Spanish they won't lie.
** EDITED - Against forum rules **

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19 Sep 2013 15:52 by tamaraessex Star rating in Colmenar, Malaga. 508 posts Send private message

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I have had an excellent service for the last 15 months from Europa Network.  I was delighted that they made all the arrangements with Telefonica (now Movistar) and it all went like clockwork.  The few times I have contacted Customer Services (despite the problem being with Telefonica) they have been prompt, courteous and efficient.  They were originally recommended to me by a neighbour who needed reliable high speeds for her work - she got it, I have it, and I have recommended them to several other people who are equally as pleased.  That is my personal experience of Europa Network.


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19 Sep 2013 16:19 by baabaabing Star rating. 60 posts Send private message

I felt exactly the same as you Tamara they couldnt do enough for me it seemed even great ADSL speed BTW that's down to Telefonica as Europa only rent the line, it's almost like me selling you a tyre and you say Steve's Tyres are great but they are actually Firestone as I don't make Tyres.
You also probably didn't have the delivery problems that I had. The main thing here everyone is that I was promised a refund by a Manager for a router that they failed to deliver,which I purchased in good faith, I have been more than patient with these people and now 'stonewalling' is the order of the day and I will not see one penny from them.

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19 Sep 2013 17:06 by baabaabing Star rating. 60 posts Send private message

This was meant for this thread sorry for doing it twice, moderators please note, delete the other if needs be not this one please, although Peeps should be warned, I wish I had.

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19 Sep 2013 22:22 by eos_moderators Star rating in España. 169 posts Send private message

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This thread has now been locked as there is also another thread active on the subject of this company where people are already explaining their views this way the discussion  will not be duplicated. feel free to re-post your review on the other thread. But please remember to relate your own personal experience and refrain from attacking any company or person on this website. Do not campaign against any company or try and persuade people not to use a particular company no matter how angry you are. The readers are intelligent enough to make up their own mind after reading your review, whether it be positive or negative. We do not want to be held liable for defamatory content on our site over which we know nothing about.

Thank you


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