Safety is on the agenda this Summer for Spanish Authorities

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12 Jun 2013 10:17 by mac75 Star rating in Valencia. 409 posts Send private message

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Personally I consider Spain to be an extremely safe country and this year the Spanish want to take even more care of the tourists coming to visit.Over 29,000 police officers will be deployed to fight the growth in petty crime during the summer period and ensure the safety of the millions of tourists reaching Spain's shores.
Spain’s Interior Ministry has set July 1st as the start date for 'Operation Summer', which will see an increase of 1,341 new police officers across Spanish territory.
'Spain is a safe country', Francisco Martínez, Spain’s Secretary of State Security, told online daily 20 minutos.
"Ensuring tourism safety guarantees a higher quality of tourism."
But although fewer than one in every a thousand tourists visiting Spain is the victim of a crime, the number of petty thefts rises during the summer period, especially in Spain’s coastal areas.
According to Spain’s Interior Ministry, 57 percent of robberies in Malaga province take place during the summer months.
These thieves thrive in the busy streets of the Costa del Sol during the high season. They are the same ones who prey on shoppers during Christmas or holidaymakers during Easter week. Some of the pickpockets pass themselves off as tourists to blend in, spending a week or two in each tourist hotspot. This said if you are careful you won't get pick-pocketed and lets be honest there are pick pockets all over the world and the UK is no different.
Do you think the Spanish do a good job keeping the streets safe? I would say they make a very good effort.  Do you feel safe when you are in Spain living or on holiday?  This will be the topic for the poll this week so please take a second and cast your vote :

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A donde el corazón se inclina, el pie camina.

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12 Jun 2013 13:19 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

Personally I consider Spain to be an extremely safe country


Mac,  I couldn't agree more with you.

(For those who not know, I was a detective in London for 30 years  and for 15 years have been a voluntary translator with the National Police at a busy,  tourist coastal town).

Based solely on my professional experience I can say reported crime in Spain is considerably lower than in comparable areas in the UK, and crime, involving violence against non-Spanish people,  is extremely low, amost to the point of it being not worth considering.  It is many months since I have been required to assist a victim of a violent crime to make a report.

I know people will say many crimes are not reported. Yes that is true but it also true of everywhere.   And reported crime is the only figure usually available on which to base crime statics. So when comparing crime in one area with another it is reported crime levels that are used everwhere. However, I believe that as most tourists have holiday insurance, which needs a police report to make a claim,  a higher percentage of victims are likely to report crime whilst on holiday than they would be if they were at home.


As I know many of the police in my town by sight, I am aware that in addition to the uniform officers one sees there are almost as many working in plain clothes.   The number of operational officers is way above a comparable town in UK.     ( I do not know about now but when I was a serving officer in the London, there were 26,000 police officers. From ‘insider information’ I can say that on a ‘good day’  a maximum of 1,200 were available to be patrolling the streets of the whole of London during the day and 600 at night).


Murder rates in Spain per 100,000 of the population are just about half those of the UK.


And please note.  When reports in Spain refer to the number of people who ‘have been robbed’ that includes ‘those who have been the victim of simple theft’ which represents the majority of those cases.     Robbery in UK means theft with violence or threats thereof, so one cannot compare ‘robberies’ in Spain with robberies in UK.


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