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18 Oct 2012 17:46 by pac1 Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

 Hi Folks 

Anyone know where one can purchase good quality storage heaters out here 



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18 Oct 2012 17:57 by cbrammeld Star rating. 172 posts Send private message


I would not use storage heaters, their inflexibility, inefficiency and the cost at full price electric would be prohibitive.

Much better would be a mixture of air con/heating, oil filled heaters and fan heater. Assuming gas or wood burner not available.

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18 Oct 2012 18:02 by eggcup Star rating. 567 posts Send private message

Another possibility is one of those gas heaters - they're on wheels and you can move them around (don't put them right next to a sofa though like I did many years ago and burnt a hole in it).  You shove a bombona inside and Bob's your fat aunty.  Some people don't like them; say they dry a room out, or something like that, but I think they're pretty good as long as you don't leave them on all the time.


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18 Oct 2012 18:05 by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1408 posts Send private message

On Camposol there is a firm selling Neater heaters, at Tj electricals, slimline, panel and supposed to beery economical.

We had a mobile gas heater. It caused a lot of condensation, plus i didn't like having a gas cylinder in the house. I sold it.

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18 Oct 2012 18:07 by eggcup Star rating. 567 posts Send private message

We've always had various gas cylinders in the house - for the gas cooker, for the boiler etc.  Even for a fridge when we had our cortijo and no mains leccy - never had a problem with them.


My account of moving to Spain.  http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/olives.aspx"><img


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18 Oct 2012 22:19 by pac1 Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

 thought my question was "where can i buy storage radiators"!!!

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19 Oct 2012 07:40 by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 772 posts Send private message

IF  you state where in Spain you live then "hopefully" someone will actually answer your query as opposed to telling you what you should or shouldn`t buy.

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19 Oct 2012 09:10 by pac1 Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

Cannot see where I live has anything to do with it however I am on Costa blanca

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19 Oct 2012 11:26 by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 772 posts Send private message

Didn,t want your street address, or even the town. BUT region is very important if you want to know where to buy things as , apart from the major supermarket chains, we all have different shops.

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19 Oct 2012 15:01 by tamaraessex Star rating in Colmenar, Malaga. 508 posts Send private message

tamaraessex´s avatar
I'm fairly sure l've seen them in Worten, and there are lots of branches of Worten along CDS but l don't know about CB.


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19 Oct 2012 17:15 by smugfk Star rating. 16 posts Send private message

 Hi pac1,

Try this (google internationalelectrician costa blanca) they supply Dimplex storage heaters. I have nothing to do with this firm but I do know people who have had them installed with the lower night time tarriff and they say they are wonderful. I myself have underfloor heating and would not live here in Spain without it. Problem is it would be very expensive to retro fit it.

You have to forgive one of the idiots on here, she seems to have nothing better to do with her life other than try to impose her rather strange ideas and views on others! You can guarantee she sticks her two pence worth in on almost every thread, I do not know why as usually she drifts off into a world of her own. I get the impression she is not able to be here any more!

I hope the above helps you in your quest.

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19 Oct 2012 17:42 by eggcup Star rating. 567 posts Send private message

You'll also have to 'forgive' people who like to call others names that they would never call them if they saw them face-to-face.  Or, if they did, they would clearly be very rude.  And of course because the person is referred to very vaguely one cannot be 100% sure whom they are referring to. In any case, I don't understand why if someone is trying to expend their own time, trying to help others, this can be seen by someone as wrong.  Personally, I have given some advice today that was really appreciated, with regard to solicitors in Spain and which will potentially save someone a lot of heartache.  My husband and I have often tackled some really difficult situations in Spain, without the benefit of the type of advice that one finds on this Forum.   And now, free of charge, I am giving others the benefit of this experience whenever I can as are many others, purely because we like to be helpful.  Sometimes this involves proposing that someone could try something different to what they're suggesting.  They can take or leave this advice, as we all would.  But the more advice of differing types that they receive, then the more informed will be their decisions. 

There should be no place on this site for cyber-bullying.  It's very unpleasant and unnecessary and not something that a civilised adult should be engaged in.


This message was last edited by eggcup on 19/10/2012.


My account of moving to Spain.  http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/olives.aspx"><img


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20 Oct 2012 11:13 by andygman Star rating in Leeds. 21 posts Send private message

Hi my advice would be to buy a woodburning stove with a boiler, cheapest way of heating the house. You can buy one that will heat up to 19 radiators. Also in some villages you are allowed to go and cut your own wood at certain times of the year.There is one that I looked at (Aarrow Stratford TF90B Boiler Stove Multi-Fuel 4.5kW to room 24kW to boiler SPECIAL OFFER).Electricity is getting more and more expensive as well as heating oil yet wood is cheap and plentifull. Here is a write up about it.

Complete home heating has never looked so good. The Stratford boiler stove is the industries leading boiler stove and is a true powerhouse at the heart of any central heating system. The Stratford has been designed specifically for its role as a boiler stove and stands head and shoulders above the competition. Each model within the Stratford boiler range has a unique anti cold water corrosion system and increased steel thickness, giving years of trouble free heating. No other manufacturer offers a complete system to maximise the efficiency and environmental impact of both wood and solid fuel. This system is called PADS (Primary Air Diversion System). It allows an under flow of air beneath solid fuel or an over draught for wood to ensure each fuel burns in its favoured environment.

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20 Oct 2012 11:58 by lijaloo Star rating. 40 posts Send private message

We are just in the process of fitting a woodburner with backboiler to provide central heating and hot water.  We have also included a heat accumulator (heat store) and will include solar panels at a later date.  Ours is an Aquatherm boiler stove with an Akva solar plus accumulator. 

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20 Oct 2012 12:00 by llegaralasestrellas Star rating in United Kingdom (BHX .... 58 posts Send private message

llegaralasestrellas´s avatar

I don't know by just how much energy costs have gone up in Spain, since I've not lived over there for ages, but personally I'd say Occam's Razor is relevent here - the simplest explanation may be best.

Since you are living on the coast, it really isn't going to get insanely cold. If you are thinking of getting air con (and I would strongly reccomend it) then just get one with a heat pump. It won't cost much more than a standard unit (most split system units now have heat pumps as standard feature anyway) and you are only paying for one system installation instead of two. It's clean and hassle free, press button on the remote - et voila - hot or cold, as you wish. They also dehumidify the air too. It's worth noting that A/C units don't use the electrical resistence method to produce heat like a fan, electric radiator or convention heater does. The heat-pump method is a *lot* more energy efficient, paticularly if you have a unit with an inverter as well.

Carrefour do quite a good range at reasonable enough prices. We got ours from Torregrossa in Torrevieja city centre, but that is going back a bit now so there are almost certainlly others, and there are always a ton of ads in Torre-Guia, if you are around that neck of the woods.

As for dedicated and more eleborate systems, I'd just say I've known several people (including some relatives who live in La Marina, Alicante) spend thousands of Euros on systems that back in the UK they would never consider, and may use regularly for about 3 months of the year, before spending the entire time from May till September or October with nothing but a ceiling fan and plenty of changes of clothes.

If you really don't want to have air con, then personally I'd say just to go Carrefour and pick up a few oil filled radiators and electric blankets (or better still, a dog or two), and throw down some rugs. They cost more to run than the solid fuel burners, but they cost a tiny fraction of the price to buy, and are a *lot* less work - no cleaning out the system, ordering or transporting fuel etc. Just plug and go - I am a big believer in keeping life simple and easy :)


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