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13 Jul 2012 18:15 by Keith110 Star rating in the UK and I am lead.... 682 posts Send private message

A new brand......

SabadellCAM (SCAM)

Banco Sabadell has launched the new brand SabadellCAM, under which it will operate in the Valencia and Murcia regions after absorption of the Alicante based CAM Bank.

The offices of Sabadell and the CAM will be identified from now with this new brand, which is "a decisive step" to complete the project of integration of both entities, as reported by the Catalan bank in a statement.

The president Josep Oliu entity has decided to choose this trademark to express his "total commitment and involvement" with the traditional territory of CAM Bank operations.

"The results of different studies and market analysts point out that customers perceive the brand as the next CAM, close in a spirit of service and, of course, represents a remarkable connection to this historic company," explains Sabadell.

With this brand, Sabadell wishes to express the values ​​under which it operates, such as "market orientation, austerity, ethics, social responsibility, prudence and professionalism."

So says Sabadell, both commercially and from the point of view of social perception, the decision to incorporate the brand in Banco Sabadell CAM will have, "undoubtedly positive effects both network-internal-and external-trade-customers."

The first studies of adaptation and incorporation of the new brand SabadellCAM will begin from this July.

It will be from September when changes occur in the offices of Banco Sabadell and Banco CAM in Valencia and Murcia, so as to unify its image under one umbrella brand SabadellCAM.

This process of change will take place gradually and will end, in December, when nearly 700 branches of Sabadell and CAM in these two regions will be identified with its new trade name.


LEY 57/1968


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13 Jul 2012 18:25 by Andrew Wilford Star rating. 185 posts Send private message

Hi Keith ... a very interesting move yet one which I personally think is unwise. To be common sense would suggest that it would be so much better to drop the CAM altogether if only becuase it is so easy to translate to SCAM! Still, that is very jaundiced and "British" perception of the situation! Kind regards Andrew

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13 Jul 2012 19:28 by ads Star rating. 4025 posts Send private message

With this brand, Sabadell wishes to express the values ​​under which it operates, such as "market orientation, austerity, ethics, social responsibility, prudence and professionalism."

If this is true then why have they appealed a decision against the Finca Parcs group Bank claim, given

a) the overwhelming evidence against them (social responsibility?)

b) in full knowledge that by losing an appeal they will be expected to meet substantial further costs and interest (prudent?)

c)that they appear to be turning a blind eye to the prior behaviour by CAM Bank (unethical?)

Have any lessons been learned Keith?

How can they possibly ignore the fraudulent activities that appear to have have taken place from within the CAM Bank and suggest that the image of CAM has not been destroyed in the process. CAM has now come to represent all too many aspects of the financial industry that we find abhorrent.


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13 Jul 2012 20:25 by ojosazul88 Star rating. 171 posts Send private message

 Wonder how much they paid their marketing team to come up with this nonsense, such irony the capital letters spell out "scam", well CAM were described by the bank of spain as the "worst of the worst", its not only the "Finca Parcs" saga thats dragging on but the many people who were duped in to "investing" in CAM preferential shares/bonds that are now worthless. 

People have been jailed for peddling similar "advice" known as boiler room scams but they i suppose were not hiding behind the facade of a bank!


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13 Jul 2012 20:41 by normansands Star rating in Kent. 1281 posts Send private message

yES BUT THE sPANISH ARE REALLY "NICE" PEOPLE AREN'T THEY??????????????????????????????


N. Sands

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15 Jul 2012 17:08 by manorpark Star rating. 165 posts Send private message

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Think it was unwise to include Cam in the new branding as so much damage has been done by them. Agree with other posts on this subject.

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