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10 Jul 2012 08:21 by Pilgrim Star rating in Costa Calida. 234 posts Send private message

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Well, I just collected my red prescription, in the past FOC medicine requirement papers, from the local clinic and sure enough at the bottom of every sheet is marked a 10% figure I must pay towards the total cost.

While this figure probably wont cause problems for me, my mind is filled with slightly mixed emotions!

I now know that the UK pays around 3,500 pounds Sterling to Spain, for my medical care, so why am I being double charged??

I also have another feeling. I love this country, even with its sometimes strange ways and the thought that in some small way I am maybe helping to restore its dignity and solvency, makes the discomfort somewhat easier to bear.

Always provided the dreaded endemic word "corrupcion" does not creep into the equation, of course??

Viva España!!!



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10 Jul 2012 08:48 by steone Star rating in Santiago de la Riber.... 386 posts Send private message


You are correct that U.K. government does give about £3500 to MADRID for every pensioner that is resident in Spain. However this only entitles the ex-pat to have the same treatment as a national. So if the locals have to pay for certain things then you do as well.

 Most medicines are charged at about 10%  however some are cheaper (just under 5%). There is no logic to the amount that they will charge you. Keep well and make certain that you live long enough to cost U.K. (and Spain) loads of money!


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10 Jul 2012 09:43 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

This is an email I sent to a group I am in, but it may be helpful to others.:-


RE the prescription charges.


I asked at a farmacia this morning.



As I had been given to understand, if one has been making their tax declarations (as I assume everyone who is registered with the Health Service in Spain has been, as I cannot imagine a situation where one would not have been obliged to do so) then charges are automatically cut off when the monthly maximum has been reached. In the case of a person with an income below 18,000 euros p.a. that is 8 euros per month.


If one has been making the tax return, gets charged more than that, then they need to take action as there has been an error. I don’t know where one would direct that question

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10 Jul 2012 09:48 by Karensun Star rating in Orihuela Costa. 1474 posts Send private message

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johnzx.......that can't be correct as people are already being charged beyond the 8€ or even the higher amount. Fully legal tax resident...........income of less that 18k..............charged 37€ so far..........??????

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10 Jul 2012 10:04 by lobin Star rating. 247 posts Send private message

This has already been covered in other threads about the medicine charges to pensioners.

Regional governments have announced different ways to apply the maximum monthly charge which varies according to annual income. The method described by John of stopping the 10% charge once that month's limit has been reached is the one being applied in Andalucia. I believe the Valencia authorities will be using the method of charging everything at 10% and then refunding the excess within 6 months.

Pensioners should check with their respective regional governments to see how thew monthly limit is to be applied as it is possible that they might have to submit receipts to claim refund of the excess while some communities will use automatic refunds.

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10 Jul 2012 11:42 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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 The pharmacist told us to keep the receipts for the medication.  If it comes to over the capped limit, you will claim back the difference at the end of the month.  We will, though, have to pay 10% for the meds regardless whether it exceeds the cap or not.  Fortunately the OH gets one med a month which cost 1.80 and has had two scripts (1 for abx and one for painkillers) after an appointment which cost a total of 80 cents.  So keep the receipts.

As an aside, our neighbour forgot her meds from UK and went to the pharmacy with the box.  They gave her 2 months worth at full cost which was €4,30.  In UK, she pays £7.65 for a months supply on prescription.  

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11 Jul 2012 12:01 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

As Lobin says it must vary from Region to Region.
In Andalucía, if one has made a tax return as a resident (And of course if registered on the Health Service one was obliged to do that in all cases)  then the computer at the chemists is linked to the Tax Office and what you pay is automatically adjusted.
I just got 5 items and paid 3.05€.
The assistant assured me that if I reach 8 euros in a month I will automatically not be charged more.



Diclofenac, is on the list of medications which will no longer be prescribed, but it is still on my prescription list. The medications on that list depend in some cases on why the medication is being prescribed.  Diclofenac is no longer available for traumatic  injuries but  is still available for chronic conditions.

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