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05 May 2013 12:23:

Message to Gill and everyone on Eye on Spain

This message is from Norman's family to say thank you to all of you for your good wishes.

Dad is making a little progress every day and we are now hopeful for the future.

All the best


Thread: Norman Sands

28 Mar 2013 18:19:

Sorry Patrice I was merely taking you at your words...............

 "they will be cavorting in that pool till midnight i am sure" ....... "am sure , will be tucked up in bed by midnight"

you should really make up your mind what it is you might one day be objecting to????

but perhaps I had forgotten.........

" ofcourse i do exaggerate a little bit"

the serious side of this is the mischief caused to your good neighbour if he is forced to board over his pool and put an above ground one on top.

you will have caused serious cost and aggrevation for no purpose whatsoever but creating immense animosity, once created such feeling can lead to worse trouble.

I think you had better invite a policeman over with good Spanish.



Thread: garden swimming pool ?

28 Mar 2013 14:41:

Dear All,

priorities and concerns are relative of course to one's position.

here at the moment we are freezing with lambs dying in our hands, Cyprus and the rest of the EU is going to pot including the UK.

and the ex-pats are much concerned about what the excellent caring neighbour is doing in his garden.

the mind boggles



Thread: garden swimming pool ?

28 Mar 2013 13:29:

Dear Patrice,

your post.......

well , i can't be certain as i don't speak Spanish and nobody at the community meetings speak English but i am away for months and my water bills are always the same . I pay the bill every 3 months . To be honest , there are so many other things that drive me crazy paying a bit too much for my water seems petty . Tho' paying for someone's swimming pool may tip the scales ! I have lived near a swimming pool before and the noise is awful even when there are restrictions for use ..... and it mars my stunning view .

you seem determined to be upset in advance, i.e. in your imagination of future difficulties, not even for yourself but for some future owner.

as to wonderful views directly down into someone elses garden, don't you think that is carrying things too far????

I repeat "unrealistic"



Thread: garden swimming pool ?

28 Mar 2013 11:04:

Dear All,

my post was to illustrate everywhere suffers from unecessary regulation, some of which is unbelievably stupid.

the flood plain victim should have proved that the general ground level was sinking and not static, had been doing so since the middle ages - would the wise law lord then come to the opposite view???? or would have blind stupidity prevailed???

I am no fan at all of Spanish urbanisations/communal living and the fraud that is perpetuated when these are sold as holiday compexes.

But as usual information is lacking........why is someone elses private garden directly under your lounge window????

this is communal living with a vengance surely????

why are you so eager to make complaint in advance about imaginary nuisance from a private pool????

when it is clear you have a holiday home on a community of holiday homes where the weather dictates that the outside is inside and holidays are fun times with noisy rejoicing until quite late, as is the mode and entirely to be expected???

communal or mews type developments are wonderful when all owners are considerate, nightmare when they are not, all as expected on purchase.

it would seem that the complaint is premature and unneighbourly, could not be sustained if the pool was above ground and even noisier.

perhaps you believe that they should not be allowed a hot tub either to make use of the wonderful climate and all holiday makers should be asleep by 10 pm????






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Thread: garden swimming pool ?


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