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05 Jul 2012 12:43 by mega Star rating. 73 posts Send private message

Hi to all members,has any body out thier had any contact from Aifos with several offersregarding customers of unfinnished and unstarted developments which they hold millons of euros in deposits,i myself have not had an offer but a friend has, how many of us have they contacted?i have a court judgement in my favor and an enbargo on one of thier other developments may be this is why i have not had an offer,i await any replys with interest.


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01 Nov 2012 21:06 by AVENTURA Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

Hi Mega , I had asked very much the same in my thread about Aifos . look under "puerto colinas torrox" sorry I didnt read your thread till now yours sincerely aventura some one else who has been done by AIFOS.

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05 Nov 2012 19:45 by fazarelli Star rating. 282 posts Send private message

Yes. I have also had an offer from Aifos, if you can call it that. However, they offered my unfinished apartment to other people first! I told em to get stuffed.

As far as i was aware, my solicitor had cancelled my contract with them, maybe that's why they offered the property to others first. Or maybe they offered to people who had larger deposits, with a lot more to lose, therefore more likely to accept.


That thing about offering 45% over six years starting ten years from date of administration, ha! What a load of ....

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01 Dec 2012 04:23 by lesleyhedison Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

 Could someone, anyone tell us what the hell is going on with this Aifos charade,we too won our case , we too had an embargo on our apartment at Hacienda Marina,.

We did hear something about the 45 % thing and never understood whats going on our lawyers have been in touch for about two years now.

Lesley & tim 

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03 Dec 2012 10:38 by mega Star rating. 73 posts Send private message

Hi fellow sufferers, Aifos are trying to get 50% oif debtors to agree thier new con,to pay us back 45% of our deposits from 2020 over 4 years are they mad,the problem is it is possible that the banks and other large debtors may agree do you think Aifos will be trading in 2020,all they want is to still get paid as long as possible.

We (all the people who put down a deposit) to get in touch with the european parliment and ask how this has been allowed to happen by a member of the european cmmunity.I gave Aifos my money in2003 it would be over 20 years before Igot  45%of my money back if we let this happen. Please write to your MP ,the papers andTV etc to try and get this disgracefull situation resloved,dont forget the addminastrators are still getting paid with OUR  deposits,DONT LET THEM WIN.


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03 Dec 2012 10:59 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 9300 posts Send private message

Legal Questions? Speak to Maria Direct

 We are starting procedures for Aifos clients and Law 57/68  very soon. Anyone interested can contact us.

Any of your lawyers, familiar with Law 57/68 could also operate this strategy on your behalf.

Not all rights come from developers and their bankrupted balances.... That´s why 57/68 was made to. Le´ts all implement it!


Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA



El blog de Maria

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04 Dec 2012 10:09 by belucky358 Star rating in North Yorkshire. 197 posts Send private message

Hi Lesley and Tim,

I have just come across your message and to answer your question regarding the AIFOS pay-out, our lawyer explained it as follows :-

FIRST...............There are NO GUARANTEES  that AIFOS will fulfill their obligations

SECOND.........The agreement must be approved.  (No one knows when this will be)

THIRD..............The clients may only receive 45% of their deposits.

FOURTH..........Once the agreement is approved we get NOTHING for TEN YEARS.

FIFTH...............On the TENTH YEAR we receive the first payment of 1/6th of the total.

SIXTH...............On the eleventh year, the twelfth year, the thirteenth year, the fourteenth year and the fifteenth year, we receive further  1/6th payments.

***** If this agreement is approved in say 2015, we will not  receive anything until 2025, 2026,2027,2028,2029 and 2030 which in my case will mean they will have had my money for TWENTY SIX YEARS.

Sorry to bring you this bad news but our lawyer states that there is no alternative.

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04 Dec 2012 11:09 by mega Star rating. 73 posts Send private message

HI Belucky,

                   The alternative is for this country to abide by thier own laws regarding deposits taken on off plan properties(law 57/68 and not let this sort of developer to get away with what they have,we need to publise the facts to a wider audiance.All of our deposits should have been ringfenced by Spainish Law this is STILL the LAW and if the developers wont or cant give us back our money the banks shouls.The Euopean Parliment should now be involved as it is clear that the Spain Government is not interested,we are talking hundreds of other thing how can the devloper be protected by adminisration after the courts have already given a judgement prior to the developers request for protection,my own judgement was for nearly 100 thousand euros before they went into addmin,i also have an ebbargo on another of Aifos appartment which i have had to pay taxes on this is rubbing salt in it.

                        Do not let the lawyers make you give up and let them get away with our money(deposits lawyers fees interest ) and all the years of waiting for justice,Write to your MPs and the British Government and lastly the Euopean Parliment. DONT GIVE UP.




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