Bancaja/Bankia Fiasco

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14 Apr 2012 9:07 PM by johnnie1uk Star rating. 99 posts Send private message

Beware if you are due to have money payed into your Bancaja account, although i had been assured that i need not do anything as old and new account numbers are synchronised, a payment into the Bancaja account was rejected and would only be accepted  with the new account (Bankia) number.

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14 Apr 2012 9:59 PM by laird dave of lochaber Star rating in San Miguel De Salina.... 180 posts Send private message

Ive had transafers of pensions paid in without any problem.


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14 Apr 2012 10:10 PM by marcbernard Star rating in Marina Alta; Alicant.... 253 posts Send private message

It may depend on the date of the transaction. Much work seems to have been done on correcting the website etc, and several problems have been solved. Pursue them!!

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14 Apr 2012 10:32 PM by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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 My pension was paid in yesterday with no problem.  2 x direct debits were paid on Wednesday.  Website has been sorted.

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14 Apr 2012 10:35 PM by johnnie1uk Star rating. 99 posts Send private message

The point is the payment was rejected last Friday,

and i had been told there was no need to change the Bancaja bank details to Bankia

Tried to speak to Bankia customer services, was put onto English speaking line (recorded message) which then asked me to leave my name and phone number to call me back---nothing......

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24 Apr 2012 8:31 PM by avensis20 Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

I was having problems logging into my Bankia Account after Bancaja was closed down.  However today I found my old passport which I used 5 years ago to open my Bancaja account.  I was delighted when I finally got access to my account again.  I also used my Pin No. from my Visa card, to gain access.  The online access is actually a lot better and clearer than the old Bancaja and in English.  My Direct debits, ie. water, gas and electric have also been paid and they have been set up automatically.

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24 Apr 2012 8:56 PM by johnnie1uk Star rating. 99 posts Send private message

I tried to make a transfer between my accounts in the english version, and it wouldnt work changed back to Spanish and it would. Bankia customer service say its a glitch in the system.

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25 Apr 2012 11:00 AM by ajw Star rating in Aberdeen. 1088 posts Send private message

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I need to transfer money to my (Bancaja/Bankia) account via my usual currency exchange company. I have the new Bankia account number but my currency co needs the IBAN and swift number as well as the bank address (which was formerly in Alcantarilla). I cannot get through to the Bankia customer services number so tried another number and left a message requesting a callback - nothing. I really need to make a transfer to the account to pay my mortgage etc but am struggling to get the info I need re the IBAN etc. Can anyone tell me if they have transferred money using simply the new account no or if I need new IBAN/swift details? Many thanks. Arlene.


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25 Apr 2012 11:34 AM by neatrees Star rating in Vera Playa. 65 posts Send private message

I also had an emergency when I needed to to do a transfer from my Bankia account and the online service was down.

One of the first things my wife and I did when we opened our account with the then Bancaja, was to get the contact details of the english speaking bank officials at the branch. If we needed any help we would email or phone these people and they have always been helpful. In the case of my bank transfer I emailed them the details of the transfer and they did it for me.

I also have received payments into the account so no problem there except the online access.



Regards Neil

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25 Apr 2012 12:10 PM by ajw Star rating in Aberdeen. 1088 posts Send private message

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Thanks. I actually need to make a payment to my Bankia account rather than from it so need to tell my uk based currency co the new bank details other than just the new account number. I have called Bankia again but still no return call. It is very frustrating!


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25 Apr 2012 12:35 PM by avensis20 Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

Arlene you will need the new IBAN AND SWIFT code.  IF you can access your Bankia online account you should be able to get your IBAN from here.  To gain access to your online account you can use your Passport No. and the pin from your Bancaja Visa card.  The passport must be the same one that you used when opening your Bancaja account when you got your mortgage.  If this fails try the NIF No.  The SWIFT/BIC code for Bankia is CAHMESMMXXX.  This is standard for every customer with Bankia.  I was having problems and managed to sort it by myself.  Hope this helps. 

Good luck!! :)

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25 Apr 2012 4:41 PM by valverde Star rating. 40 posts Send private message

neatrees - would you mind posting the email address and telephone number for the English speaking Bancaja/Bankia customer service?

Thank you.


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25 Apr 2012 4:47 PM by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

AVENSIS i am with you on this its not EASY but you can eventually access your ACCOUNT

But what a RIGMAROLE

I get the feeling I SHOULD look for another BANK imagine if you had something more DIFFICULT to do


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25 Apr 2012 5:59 PM by johnnie1uk Star rating. 99 posts Send private message

Bankia customer services Tlf no is 902246810 or 916024680

you will end up with a recorded message, leave your name and phone number, they took 4 days to get back to me, but then were very helpfull in trying to sort things out, the advisor also spoke excellent English.


This message was last edited by johnnie1uk on 25/04/2012.

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03 May 2012 10:15 AM by robinsp Star rating. 17 posts Send private message

We have had the same problem.  Currencies Direct rang us yesterday to say that our usual monthly direct debit had bounced back as it has the incorrect account number due to the take over by Bankia.  It is lucky we are going out to Spain on Sunday and can go into the local branch and sort it out - what a fiasco!!!  I hope they do not try to charge us for their mistake!


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03 May 2012 10:25 AM by johnnie1uk Star rating. 99 posts Send private message

For the several times that payments into my account were rejected. there was no charge.

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03 May 2012 11:06 AM by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

What a COMPLETE MESS this bank is in

I am moving banks ASAP


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03 May 2012 11:55 AM by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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 If you had, for example, a non-resident account and then changed to a resident account, Bankia does not recognise the original account, just the second one.  The direct debits I had set up with my non-resident account were not paid but the ones with the resident account were.  Had to inform the direct debit holders of my new account number.  Fortunately, they were not for utilities so didn't get anything cut off except my TV and phone for a day.


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05 May 2012 2:59 PM by newsham Star rating in Morecambe/ Brisas De.... 83 posts Send private message

does anyone know if the terms remain the same as bancaja, as my mortgage comes out to day and my money which is from my currency exchanged has not gone in yet. With bancaja they would pay it and what I was missing they would hold untill my money had gone in it sometimes happend but it was usually only about €80 over drawn and they didnt charge me either. We would get a text as well on my mobile to warn me. I am a bit worried as the direct debit has not gone out as well as the money from by global currency should of gone in by today and I havent had a text either. I have tried looking at the terms and conditions but they are in spanish and cant translate on their website either.

Bancaja always promised to pay any direct debit to utility/mortgage as long as you were not overdrawn by over €500, does this promise remain the same, anyone know please.

Vanessa & Trevor

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05 May 2012 3:17 PM by marcbernard Star rating in Marina Alta; Alicant.... 253 posts Send private message

I also have had problems this month with the non-credit of my UK pension. Much pressure on the branch but they tell me that foreign credits have not been properly dealt with at HQ, and they can only suggest that you should provide the new details (IBAN, BIC and new account number) to the payer of the amount due. However, the item had not been returned to UK when I did the above!  I wrote out a formal complaint which the manager promised she would send to HO, but breath not being held!

As the letter telling us all that "nothing need be done" re the changeover, it is right for us all to complain, via the Ombudsman if necessary, and press for proper and full compensation. I would imagine, however, that they will not have the gall to charge any fees or interest for an overdraft which they had previously promised would be covered for DD's and the like.

Keep on posting for results!

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